Managing your workforce during Euro 2020

Is your business prepared for the Euros? 

With 26.5million UK viewers in 2018, you can expect 2020 to be even bigger as people look for something to celebrate after a tough and boring year.

Will your business be making arrangements and preparations to ensure that productivity isn’t disrupted over the course of the competition?


Things to consider:

  • Euros will last until 11th July
  • Matches during working hours could lead to workers calling in sick
  • Absences spiked by 33% after the last day of the Premier League 2021 (



As well as calling in sick, employees are more likely to check social media, be distracted by news updates and gossiping with colleagues.


Possible solutions: 

  • Can you have screens in the workplace showing the games? It may be better to have slightly distracted staff than none at all!
  • Temporary staff can reduce pressure on match days
  • Prepare for an increase in absence requests; and sickness leave if these are denied!
  • Set out a policy for those working from home ahead of time
  • Allow employees to wear football shirts
  • Create a fantasy football league
  • Create a sweepstake
  • Decorate the workplace with flags
  • Move/extend breaks to allow employees to watch some/all of the game
  • If watching the game isn’t possible, could they listen to coverage over the radio?

“Depending on the work environment and the likely level of interest among staff, then taking some time out together to watch the Euros could be an enjoyable team building exercise, and could boost morale” Danielle Parson, Employment Partner at Irwin Mitchell (source)


If you’d like to discuss how temporary staff can be used to ease the pressure, please contact your local Essential Recruitment office.
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