Local or National support?

Local or national support…?

We believe it to be ‘best practice’ to review your supplier list even if you’re happy with your existing supplier. If you decide to stay with your incumbent the process will at the very least provide you with a comparator. Frequent reviews are arguably a waste of time and never reviewing could mean you’re disadvantaged in the market place. When reviewing, companies are often faced with the quandary ‘would we be better to go with a local or national supplier?’

Here are some of the pros and cons as we see them:

The perception can be that national suppliers have more resources, a greater track record, offer financial stability, streamline the administration and offer greater discounts based on volume. However, local suppliers can normally offer all of the above and more if given the opportunity. Suppliers with a local presence are often more accommodating, offer greater flexibility and reaction times, truly understand the local labour market, and offer staff continuity of work with other local contracts and above all go the extra mile.

To be honest, it is the companies who use temporary staff that are best placed to comment, so we’d like to know your opinion. Email any feedback to us at info@essentialrecruitment.co.uk.