How to attract the industry’s best talent.

How to attract the industry’s best talent.

The biggest companies work  hard to attract and retain the talent they’ve scouted – where should you start as an employer looking to create an awesome workforce?

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Building the brand
The best talent wants to work for the best company. They dream of working for ABC company and find inventive ways to be noticed – these are candidates that are going further than looking for a role that pays their bills, they’re looking for a role where their skills, expertise and training will be greatly rewarded and appreciated.

The brand’s building
This is a huge factor for many of the big companies. Google’s offices for example are extraordinary, and they have clearly worked hard on a space that greatly enhances the work lives of their employee – they have areas to socialise, relax, be creative and have fun. Smaller businesses can take inspiration from these types of companies, even if in very small doses. How would you like to relax?

So how do you become one of those companies?

Your company culture
What are your values and beliefs? These should be the veins running through your company and keeping the business alive. The stronger these are, the more candidates will want to work with you in order to reinforce the faith they have in those things, and to be able to represent a company that influences the industry.

Social media
Culture and a great office is one thing, but being able to share it with the world is another. Posting photos of the place, the (happy) staff, and the stuff you’re up to will bring in a following. Impress the following, and you’re well on your way to finding people who will want to work in the great environment you’ve created. Show how you can have fun whilst working, and how you’re fuelled by passion.

The package
The top talent has the upper hand – you probably want them more than they want you (a fair assumption if you’re reading this article!) and therefore it’s a priority to work on an impressive dealbreaking package to entice in those candidates. This  leads me on to my next point:

Take a look at job adverts for similar roles. What kinds of salaries,  benefits and bonuses are they offering? Imagine your ad amongst these – would yours be more or less attractive to a candidate than one by another company? If the answer is less, then expect your response rate to be less.

HOWEVER, if you’re offering a lower package, perhaps you can offer non-monetary extras such as  training, accepting candidates with less experience, or offering flexible working hours. This will help to level out the response rates.

The perks
Here’s where you get the candidate excited. What’s on offer that you can only get by being an employee of this company? Most retail stores offer staff discounts and access to company news before anyone else.
What do you offer the candidate that your competition does not? For example, here at Essential Recruitment we are spoilt with an annual weekend away in the summer. We get all of our branches together and have an amazing  time. 2014 saw us visit Shrigley Hall in Macdlesfield from Friday –Sunday and leave with one hell of a hangover!

Create and retain
Think about this – when a candidate comes to work for you, they are leaving another company. If they’re so good, then why have the company let them go?

Perhaps they’ve lost out to a competitor, because the competitor had beaten them with a better package, culture or something else the candidate wants. Therefore, it seems incredibly important that when you have great candidates, you don’t forget about them. Don’t put all your efforts into new hires – spoil your current ones from time to time and remind them why they’re there.