How NOT to use Social Media for your job search.

Social Media is a fantastic platform for jobseeking –  the more available you are as a candidate, the easier you are to find for recruiters and therefore your chances of finding employment increase. Similarly, recruiters are using Social media more and more on a proactive basis, meaning they’re looking for you regardless of whether you’re looking for them.

If you’re interested in a new position, make sure you read the below tips to learn what NOT to do during your online job search!

The comment ‘review my profile’ on LinkedIn job posts is a regular sighting on LinkedIn, and a lazy one too. If you’re interested in a role it is best practice to simply follow the instructions stated on the advertisement.

One response on Facebook seen often is ‘inbox me more details’. This is considered rude for two reasons..

  • If details are already provided,  and/or a link exists to the full job spec on a website, and you can’t be bothered to look yourself, recruiters won’t assume you’d be a great candidate.
  • It is very informal. Although you are using a social networking site, we would still advise a formal response. We don’t advise you do this at all, but if you do, at least say something along the lines of “Hi, I am very interested in this role and would like to speak to your further, could you please message me directly so we can discuss – thank you

Watch what you say on your profile. Employers do expect you to be human, so tagged pictures of you out with friends, or doing fun things is generally not an issue. HOWEVER, you do have the option to alter your privacy setting and maintain that flawless, professional image. See here for more information:

Negative comments, criticising current or previous employers or innapropriate interactions with others/employers are surefire ways of deterring an employer. Play nicely!


What do you think? If you’re a recruiter, what other advice would you give? and candidates, what have you learned from social media? Let us know!