Essential Software Updates – Our Client Benefits

Today we are installing a brand new database system which will give us many benefits – an exciting move for both us and our clients! We’ve listed some of the main changes and how they will affect our clients.

KPIs & Reporting

Matchmaker will provide us with more in-depth reports that can assist us with KPIs. This will enable proactive recruitment which will ensure we are on the ball and ready with candidates during times of uplift.


This update will provide various tools and resources to compliment our existing compliance procedures, currently actioned by our Compliance Manager. We will be more efficient & effective at monitoring AWR using a Traffic Light system, as well as providing our clients with the peace of mind that all candidates supplied from Essential are fully legal with the right to work in the UK.

Improved Candidate Search

Our improved software will enable a smoother, more detailed and efficient search facility. This will benefit you, as we will have quicker response times and a more accurate match of a candidate. Our system will also fully integrate all records – improving day-to-day speed.


We are now able to track where each of our candidates originated from ( Job Boards, Word of Mouth, Our website etc.) and therefore monitor and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.