Are you a bad boss?

Have you ever felt a smug satisfaction that you’re in control of someone else? We’re not talking 50 shades of employee here, but rather when power and authority turns nasty.

Do you talk down to your employees? It wouldn’t be unfair to say that at least once in a blue moon, you’ve spat out a comment as a result of an employees assumed stupidity.

Now whether they really have been an idiot, or whether you just assume they have, is this really how you want to be seen? An unloved boss is just begging for a backlash of high staff turnover, low productivity, a few too many sickies and not being involved in Secret Santa…

Following on from that, do you believe you’re better than your employees? Arrogance is a terrible trait to have, especially when it’s within the team you’ve hired to work for you. Do you constantly check your employees work, picking minor faults? Do you struggle to trust them? If so, you’re either wasting your time or you’ve got the wrong staff! Here’s a few examples of bad management, kept anonymous for obvious reasons!

1. The crazed one ‘I worked in a retail store which was more of a passion than a living – I really loved that job. The only thing I hated was the boss, she was all over the place! One shift I was on the till, when a customer asked me if we had any more of an item in stock. I got till cover whilst I popped upstairs to the stock room, and about half way through my search I was called by my manager on the tannoy. I promptly returned to the till, to find my manager standing with the customer. My manager said ‘I’m trying to serve this woman but she’s saying that you’ve gone to check in the stock room for X item?’ ‘yes..’ I replied. She cut me off with ‘well is it there?’I told her I hadn’t had time to look properly as she had called me. To which she snapped ‘Well go and look then!!’. To this the customer looked my manager in the eye, and said ‘that’s what she was doing, you stupid b*tch. She’s been a brilliant help and was just going to assist me further before you butted in’ POW!!! My red faced manager left in a huff, and I have the customer a discount. Thank you aggressive woman!

2. The ‘you’ll be ok’. Worked in a bar once and accidentally smacked by head into the corner of the dishwasher. Made me feel woozy and disorientated but boss just kept saying ‘you’ll be ok’ and sending me off on jobs. Had to go hide in the toilet to stop me blackin’ out!

3. The unorganised one Whilst at university I worked a part time job on the weekdays I didn’t have lectures, and travelled home (about 100 miles away) most weekends. I decided to book a holiday on a Monday so I could have a long weekend at home, but I was woken up by a phone call at 8am with my boss shouting and asking where I was! I reminded him I’d booked it off and he said ‘no you haven’t, you’ve got a day booked off next week not today, are you coming in?’ when I explained that I was so far away, I got a sigh and the phone put down on me! I found my SIGNED holiday form and took it in to show that I was in the right all along. No apology, surprise!!

Do you have any examples of bosses who just don’t get it? Or maybe you’re starting to feel guilty about how you’ve been acting! Let us know in the comments box below…