A day in the life of – Summer Caunt

This blog is part of a series of personal accounts of working at Essential Recruitment.

Summer is a 20 year old Recruitment consultant from our Barnsley office. In the year she’s been with us, she’s definitely made an impression! She says whatever is on her mind, cracks everyone up and keeps everyone’s spirits high. Here’s a day in her life…

Summer planned to wake up at 6:15, but after snoozing the first 3 alarms she actually woke up at 5 to 7 instead.

She tried to brush her teeth whilst getting dressed, getting toothpaste in her hair and down her top…When she finally set off from the house it was around 7:25. She blasted Radio Xtra just like every other morning.

Summer arrived at the Barnsley office just before 8am, and checked in with her “poppets”.  The first task of the day is to chase up anyone that hasn’t turned into work (we get the odd nanna that’s got 7 lives and died again and the child that’s been in hospital every day this year.)

She has a general chin wag on the phone with her client, John. ‘Alright babes? How’s you babes? Everyone in babes?’ you get the drift…

Sometimes she gets the odd candidate that will be running late…that’s when Essential taxis come in use! Summer pops out to pick them up and drop them off at work to ensure they get there on time. By the end of the car journey she’s been invited for tea on Tuesday, knows all of their pets names and became best pals!

She’s back in the office and being pestered by Molly (Resourcer) who is doing her usual parrot impersonation (nagging the team to make sure they’re on schedule!)

8:30am brings ‘Brew o’clock’ and Summer offers to make a cuppa. Normally nobody wants one but today it’s like feeding time at the Zoo. Nicole (Recruitment Consultant) debates if she wants 2 sweeteners or just 1 (but has 2 anyway, like always). Molly pours hers down the sink and makes her own. Christine is almost poisoned by Summer who nearly gives her normal milk and not her lactose free stuff (Molly gave her an allergic reaction the other week!)

At 11am it’s time for Summer to check her temps in at Portwest. She’s spends about an hour and a half here every morning, making sure everyone has turned up for overtime. She normally has a general chin wag with everyone including around 49 hugs which we can only imagine is exhausting..

Back at the office, it’s feeding time. Nicole is in limbo as to whether she wants a Subway or Greggs. Molly went to Subway and has come back fuming that the slow lady was on the counter. 5 minutes after her last mouthful, Molly asks us what we are having for tea!

1:15pm comes around and the team are all sat around like fat pigs, stuffed up to the eye balls, then BOOM … A client rings wanting 4 people for the next day. They need their own transport, recent experience and a solid work history…

Thank God they have their good old trusty list of  available workers! Once the team has managed to fill all 4 of the bookings (and dealt with the guy who called back asking to start the day after due to having an appointment he forgot about)

As the evening approaches, the team talk about what they’ll be doing tonight. Summer says she’s onsite again at 6pm, and then more than likely fake tanning her legs – which were fake tanned the previous night but to a shoddy standard. Nicole will be picking up the on-call phone, but not before 7 temps have phoned in saying they can’t go in due to them being “On the sesh” or “Can’t get there”. Molly will no doubt be talking about her partner in some regard, and the rest of team watch in entertainment.

With the clock 3 minutes away from 5 – the time Summer’s waited for since waking up at 5 to 7, the phone rings. 2 temps have bailed, so it’s back to the grind!  The clock strikes 5.20 and it’s HOME TIME! Well… for the normal consultant it would be. Summer shoots to her client’s site, checks her staff in, then shoots home to catch the next episode of some type of reality show!

10.00pm – Bed time. Her head is filled with plans for tomorrow – she wants to canvass a certain company, contact the Marketing department for some artwork and she’s worrying if Big Reg has arrived for his night shift…

The clock hits 6.15 and the process happens all over again…..