A day in the life of – Megan Evans

Megan or “Megs” is a Recruitment Consultant based at our Chesterfield office. She’s a sass queen and always speaks her mind. She can go from going on a date with someone to sworn enemies in seconds, so stay on her good side!

Unlike most, Megs’ morning doesn’t start when her alarm goes off. She’s already awake pre 6am as she’s that used to checking her 6am shift staff in on-site! The first thing Megs will do is check her phone, scanning her work emails and double checking if any clients have tried contacting her, she’ll have a cheeky scroll on Tinder and Facebook and she’ll like her “Future Husband’s” Instagram pic (AKA Sam Morsy who plays football for Wigan Athletic). After all of that, she’ll brush her teeth, make a brew – milky, no sugar, then will cuddle back up in bed and watch her favourite show on the TV, Heartbeat. Megs loves being warm, so instead of getting out of bed and getting ready she’ll get changed under her covers… slightly weird!

This morning Megs has the mission of “Checking In”, a nail biting task that can either bring a feeling of euphoria when all her staff arrive for work, or complete dismay like today, as she has 5 “blobbers” (staff who haven’t turned up to work, with no explanation). The worst part is, she even gave one a lift to work for his night shift, dropped him off at the gate with £6 in his pocket for his dinner and he left at around midnight!  After her spiral of despair at the client’s, it’s time to head back to the office to chase up why her  staff didn’t turn up last night. To try and take her mind off it all, Megs will daydream on her drive to work. She’ll see grannies walking their dogs at a brisk 7am, granddad’s walking to the shop for their morning paper and the mascara that’s still on her eyes from last Saturday night… When Megs does arrive to the office ‘spiral of despair 2’ happens – The Car Park. The Car Park at the Chesterfield office is an actual lottery, you either get boxed in to the point everyone including the neighbours have to move, or, you’re the first in so you have to unlock the gates ( which takes at least 45 minutes ) and turn off the alarm ( another 45 minutes ).

After the situation of getting inside is over, it’s all stations on deck. The team have to fill 5 bookings for the 5 blobbers that have let her down this morning. They ring through their list of available staff, double, triple check temp’s view  (database for candidates) and ring around a few candidates who always pick up shifts when the team is in need! Before you know it, bookings are filled and disaster is averted! To celebrate such a productive morning already, the team order breakfast from the local cafe! Megs has her signature order which everyone in the office now knows off by heart – A tray of bacon, beans and hash browns, slightly weird considering she’ll always ask everyone to see if there is a hash brown free somewhere! After food is eaten and hash browns are found, Megs will plan out her day. Ad-response, sorting admin, sales and her staff surgery are atop of today’s list. Megs has become a master at completing her work duties and “mugging people off” in the office. She’ll roast Dana for the time she said she thought Brexit was a country… She’ll dig at Rachel for the times she’s pronounced a temps name wrong… She’ll remind grace of the time she got Meg’s to the point of being sick by forcing shots down her throat. She’ll banter Jord about how he got pied by some girl at the weekend, but finally she’ll give Emma a nice compliment about either what she’s wearing or her hair…
The one thing Megs has learned from her time in Recruitment is that you need time to regain your sanity, whether that be with a very large Pink Gin and Lemonade at the end of the day, or a vibrant dance in the middle of the office…

Recently the team have been really busy so before they know it the clock strikes 5pm! The team finish up by sharing plans of what they’re doing over the weekend; Dana and Megs are going to the gym to stand around and look busy. Rachel will be going round to her mother-in-laws for dinner and Grace will be making final moving house plans. (All really exciting). Megs leaves the office with a smile on her face, with the thought of an extra large Gin and Lemonade and a list full of available staff for the weekend. She’ll go home, get ready for the gym, put some starter makeup on ready for after and go smash out a gym session. Well… go smash out 5 minutes of exercise and 55 minutes of daydreaming!