5 Reasons Why Partnering with Our Recruitment Services is a Game-Changer

In the fast-paced world of business, talent is the cornerstone of success. Finding and retaining the right employees can make or break an organisation’s growth trajectory. That’s where our recruitment services step in, offering a strategic solution to your hiring needs.


Here’s five reasons why collaborating with our recruitment agency can transform your business for the better:

1. Enhancing workplace compatibility:
  • We can CV search for skilled workers who possess the skills & experience you require, including passive job seekers who aren’t actively applying but would be open to the right opportunity
  • We also build strong foundations with in-person registrations. By prioritising face-to-face registrations we can assess a candidate’s disposition and suitability towards the role. This gives us a better understanding of the candidate’s attitude towards work
  • We can set up job shadows of your roles, to perform them first hand to ensure we understand the requirements and environment we are recruiting for. This ensures we accurately describe the role to candidates, manage candidate expectations, understand the skills and experience you’re seeking in a candidate and identify candidates who have the right attitude towards the role

  • We provide site tours for the candidate to decide if the workplace is right for them before starting
  • We can also assist with the candidate’s induction to assess their capability of performing the role duties prior to starting the job
  • We can provide on-site check ins for all new starters to help to settle them in on their first day
  • ‘Try before you buy’ with our temp to perm contracts, which enable you to assess the candidate’s work ethic over a probation period and see if the candidate fits into the team and working environment before offering a contract

We offer these services to help to save you the headache, time and cost of hiring staff on a straight permanent contract, for them to not work out, and then you have to repeat the whole process over again.

2. Streamlined Hiring Process

We will handle the recruiting of your vacancy, from the initial advertising to the shortlisting of suitable candidates, to help to reduce your administrative burden with suitable candidate profiles sent straight to your inbox so you only need to focus on interviewing the most suitable applicants for your vacancy.


Free yourself of:

  • Writing job adverts
  • Uploading jobs to job boards
  • Sorting through application response
  • Contacting and chasing up successful applicants
  • Reference checking applicants
  • Checking right to work documentation


Did you know in the UK, on average 80% of CVs do not get shortlisted by recruiters, meaning they don’t make it past the first screen (Standout CV, May 2023)!

Only focus on that other 20%. Think of how much time you would gain back to focus on your day to day duties!

3. Industry Specific Knowledge

We have been continually engaging in the labour market since 2006, building up extensive knowledge of recruiting for specific sectors and roles. Plus, we can provide you with the latest market statistics and candidate expectations to help to keep you competitive within the market.

You can take advantage of the experience we have recruiting in specific industries or job roles, which enables us to better understand the requirements of the role and identify candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit.

4. Cost Effective Solutions

Using our services can be cost effective for your business, from receiving in-house marketing support at no extra cost to you, minimising hiring mistakes and enabling you to be more flexible with your staffing requirements.

  • We already pay for job board contracts so you don’t have to
  • We pay for access to CV searching facilities so you don’t have to
  • We have over 200,000 members in our Facebook job groups that we reach completely free of charge
  • We have registered, compliance and reference checked candidates on our system that may be able to fill your role before it even needs to go online
  • Take advantage of our FREE video marketing serivce, where we’ve increased applications to our clients’ vacancies by up 500%! 
  • Hiring on a temporary basis gives you the flexibility to react to the requirements of your business more efficiently, meaning you can easily decrease your workforce if required, without needing to let permanent staff in a contract go and pay out on redundancy and notice pay


You’ll be paying for your advertising from day one when hiring directly, where as through us there is no fee until the right candidate is found and starts with you!

5. Strategic Partnership

We aim to build a strong relationship with your business, becoming an extension of your HR team. We will learn about your company culture, values and long-term goals to provide tailored staffing solutions and KPI’s set personalised to you to ensure we are continually providing continuous improvement throughout our partnership.

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