Why haven’t you found me a job yet?

It is a satisfactory feeling to get someone into work, especially when their own efforts have failed them. It’s an even better feeling when that work turns into a full time, permanent position. How much do you know about what we do?

How do recruitment agencies work?

Agencies serve companies by providing candidates for their vacancies. Job seekers sign up to our agency in order to be given a chance to fill these vacancies, rather than the agency actively seeking work for the individual.

How to get the most out of an agency.

As we don’t search for jobs for you, this means you still must do it yourself. We’ll call you when we have work available for you, but that doesn’t mean you should give up with your own job search!

Stay available.

-The art of being chosen to fill shifts by an agency is to be available at all times. This means:
-Keeping your phone on, loud. If you don’t pick up, someone else will!
-Being flexible with shifts. Sometimes they’re odd hours, but the more flexible you are the                                 better.
-Having the ability to travel at short notice. A car/bike is best, but knowing local buses and                             trains is also useful, and making friends at work who drive is even better!

-Agree to anything
-If asked to work an odd shift, do it. It’ll mean you’re called upon when regulars can’t make                             it, or if a position arises somewhere you’ve been previously inducted.
-You’ll be seen as reliable, genuine and hard working.
-You’ll always be earning
-You’ll be learning new skills!

-Keep up the search
-Keep looking for jobs, and keep applying for them.
-TELL US when you get a job! Not only will we be extremely happy for you, it’ll stop us                                contacting you to work for us, and if you’re currently working for us, let us get a                                            replacement for your shifts.