The post-interview checklist

The post-interview checklist.

For most job seekers, the interview is a scary part of the process – you’re being judged on appearances, attitude, character, ability and pretty much everything else! A good interviewer will want to see how well you would fit in to the culture of your new prospective workplace, as well as how well you can do the job

Before you leave, make sure you know the correct names of those involved in your hiring process – you’ll need this for your thank-you follow up email, which should be sent within 24 hours of having your interview. You could always send a handwritten letter, too – but make sure to be especially careful in checking for spelling and grammar errors.

Use your as a final opportunity to sell yourself – did you speak about any  work you had previously completed? If so, could you attach a sample of this to your thank you email? If the employer wasn’t 100% sure you were capable of the job, perhaps this would sway an opinion in your favour.
Also use this space to discuss anything that was neglected in the interview, or anything you have since thought of.

There is no harm in applying for more than one job – pinning all of your hopes on one interview could lead to being greatly disappointed. It’s OK to turn down a job you have interviewed for, but be sure not to take too long over the decision, as the employer will almost always have a back-up option.

So, to clarify:

Check names
Send thank you / follow up email/letter
Sell yourself and/or attach a sample.
Make sure you’ve covered all you would like to discuss.
Apply for more than one job.

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If you haven’t done the interview part yet, check our interview guide Part 1 and Part 2.

Good luck, and happy job hunting!