Jobseekers: Get the most out of your agency

Signing up with an agency is as simple as filling out a few forms and having an interview. Using an agency is actually a lot different!

Do your research:

Different agencies cater for different types of work. Here at Essential, we broadly cover industry and commerce, and therefore can supply anything between administrative/secretarial staff and skilled fabricators. If you’re looking for care work, we’re unfortunately not the right agency for you.


We will treat you with the same respect we receive, and would like to reinforce the fact that when attending an interview with an agency such as ourselves you should be dressed as you would for an interview anywhere else, and approach us with the same attitude as you’d approach an employer for a direct job. There are a few reasons for this: A) You’ll stand out. B) We’re impressed, and remember you. C) We’ll feel you’ll represent us in a brilliant light. D) We’ll genuinely want to find you work.


This is where you can be our shining star. If we’re struggling to fill an unexpected vacancy, we’ll ring through our list of available people. This list consists of our regulars, and also those that ring regularly to ask about work, and let us know they’re still available. If you’re the one that will go out of their way to fill a shift for us, you’ll be the first one we think of when there’s work available.

Social Media:

Many agencies use social media now, and the majority of the postings are advertising job vacancies. Make things really, really easy for yourself and follow your agency on Facebook and Twitter, perhaps even LinkedIn and Google+. Register your interest before anyone else!

Perform like it’s a trial:

If we send you out to fill a shift, work as though you’re being watched. The better you perform, the more likely it is that the employer will ask you back by name, and therefore your profile is raised with the consultants at the branch you register with.

It’s not just for you:

If you’re registered with us, and see a vacancy that your friends/family would be perfect for, let them know about it! It’s super easy to share and tag on Facebook and Twitter, so you can help to get them into employment!

If you’d like to register with us and start working, please visit and find your local branch.

Essential Recruitment is a Recruitment Agency specialising in the supply of temporary and permanent staff to Industry and Commerce sectors. Visit Essential Recruitment’s website to find out how our staffing solutions can help you.