I need a job to get a job?

So you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘It’s easier to get a job when you’ve got a job’ .. but why is that?

You weren’t fired

Your current employer is a living reference – a sign that you’re worth hiring and keeping on.
You haven’t been dismissed and you haven’t walked out or quit so there’s nothing to worry about there.

You’ve got no employment gap

The bigger the unemployment gap the less chance you’ve got of finding work. It’s not a case of an employer being unfair, but if presented with two equally skilled candidates (on paper) where one was working last week and the other was working last year, the more recent is more appealing. Not only has he got recent “fresh” experience, there is less doubt over his strength as an employee.

You’re seen as proactive

A candidate who is searching for their next job before leaving their current is seen as being proactive in protecting their future. Whilst some candidates may see the period between jobs as a ‘break’ and a time to relax and have fun, others focus on the seriousness of the situation. Being out of work is undesirable and not an option to them!


There is a severe decline in attitude which directly correlates with length of unemployment. Who can blame them? A job search battle can drain the life out of even the most enthusiastic candidate.











Speaking of this, there are a few cliché’s you should definitely avoid.

–         ” I am owed/I deserve employment”

–          “I’ve given up”

–        ” I’m better than this”

But you can read more about those stereotypes in a future blog post!

Luckily, Essential Recruitment  take kindly to those who are short-term unemployed as they enable you to be available at short notice. We also offer lots of temporary work – something we’re not keen on offering to those already in permanent work. Why not give us a call or send us you CV today? Find contact details here:  Contact Details