Attention to detail

We are guilty of it from time to time as ours is a busy, reactive and pressured environment. The phone will ring and your priorities will change, a colleague will ask a question and your attention is diverted or a client will make a request that changes the course of the day for the whole team. So the task you were currently in the middle of gets rushed or put to one side and this is when “it” gets missed…the “attention to detail”, the one thing that can change the perception of the receiver of the work you have done.

A spelling mestak, the vital piece of information somebody needed or the overall presentation can all alter the way you are perceived. They may think you don’t care or that you are incompetent or even worse, that you’re stupid! When you receive something that is less than professional how do you view that person or company?

Of course and I appreciate that we are all human and mistakes happen however, the people who do best in a people industry are the ones who remain studious to every job they do. If you don’t leave anything to chance then you are less likely to get caught out.

Don’t pass the point of no return without being 100% sure it’s right. Use spell check, get someone else to read the content, double check the information, think before you speak, be prepared, think of how the words or text are going to interpreted by the receiver, ensure professionalism and remember “ two minutes now saves two hours later”.

The word “it” I mentioned earlier  has a dot on the “i” and a cross through the “t”!

If you get it right first time there is a huge saving made as you are not doing things twice or dealing with the consequences when it all goes wrong. Your credibility increases and there is a better chance of others wanting to use your services.

The consequences of doing it right or wrong can range from simply gaining credibility to losing  business.


p.s. I read this at least twice!!


Marc Orli,
Operations Manager

Marc Orli 2