A day in the life of…

…A Recruitment Consultant

Could you be a Recruitment Consultant? Here’s an example of an average day in our office…

Monday morning. You’re bleary eyed and feeling a little bit lost – but the distinctive ring of the work mobile gets you out of bed. It’s a client, and they’ve had a huge order in.

5.45 am
You’ve managed to get yourself dressed whilst ringing through your list of available candidates. How dare they not answer their phones? Your list is exhausted and you’ve only half filled the booking. You drive to work and begin calling people from the database.

6.30 am
You’ve managed to get enough candidates to fill the booking, but some of them can’t make it for an hour. You jump back in you car, and begin your taxi route.

You arrive at the client’s workplace with candidates in tow. Like a good shepherd, you lead them in and ensure that everyone has arrived.

Someone’s bought cake to accompany the 5th coffee of the morning.

You’ve conquered the mass of emails that accumulated in your inbox over the weekend, and you’re ready to make some sales calls.

You’ve had a few laughs, arranged a sales visit and heard a million excuses… ‘oh, he’s on holiday this week’… ‘Yes she’s in a meeting..’. You grab some lunch whilst reading your way through some emails.

A candidate has dropped in to branch for a chat. She’s looking for work but doesn’t know what she wants to do,  and she’s only ever worked in retail. You use your experience and advise her on what to do – resulting in her registering with the agency. You interview her, and create a candidate record on the database.

A booking from a sales visit in the previous week lands in your inbox. Excited, you sift through the database looking for suitable candidates.  A few look ok, but they’re already in work. You begin to put together a job specification for an online advert.

It’s home time! You’ve wrapped up your day, gathered together your list of available candidates (for any more out of hours emergencies!) and you leave.

The work phone rings just after dinner – a temp worker has seen that we tried to call them this morning, and they’re returning our call. We politely explain the position was filled whilst trying to work out how they could have left it so late.

Now this is a compilation of some of the good, the bad and the ugly. There is way better and way worse! You just never know what will happen. If you’re fast-paced, love to be challenged and are a great problem solver, Recruitment could be just the place for you! An administration or sales background usually works best, but enthusiasm is the real key to bagging the consultant position. Specifcally within Essential; The duty of taking the work mobile home is on a rota – on average you will have it every third week. The mobile is 24/7, so must always be charged, turned on, and answered! (No ‘sleep mode’ for you!).

There are many duties involved in the position – from payroll to taxi service – everything we do ensures a happy client, happy temp, and great relationships being nurtured and sustained. Like the sound of it?

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