Save your money and time by hiring through an agency

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you need staff quick, but it is taking too long to get new hires through the door?

If so, this is where we believe you’ll benefit from working with an agency, saving on the time it takes to recruit directly and helping to cut back on your overheads.

The hiring process can be costly of your time, resources and finances, from the initial advertising of your role to placing a candidate into the position, especially if the candidate you place into the role doesn’t work out. In turn you then have to repeat the process over and over again until you find someone suitable for the role.

When hiring through an agency, if the candidate doesn’t work out you can decide to let that candidate go (if hired on a temporary contract) at no cost to you, or claim back part of a rebate fee if hiring on a permanent basis.

We charge no fee until the candidate is placed with you, so if we have to re-advertise a role for you, it’s not costing you a thing!

Saving your time

Did you know?

  • The UK tends to see an average of 25 applications per individual vacancy
  • On average in the UK, companies interview 4 or 5 people for each position
  • The average length of the job interview process in the UK is 27.5 days
  • The average job interview by phone or video call in the UK lasts up to 30 mins
  • In the UK, face to face interviews typically last up to an hour


Sources: Job Search Statistics in the UK 2022 / Glassdoor Report 2020

So, how will you benefit by working with us?
  • You send us over your job spec and we will write a professionally written advert for you
  • Your vacancy will be advertised across multiple platforms including Indeed, CV Library, Essential Recruitment’s Website, Gov.UK, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • We work with local job centres to interview local job seekers in your area
  • We will handle filtering through all of your advert response so you don’t have to!
  • We will shortlist all of the suitable candidates, pre-screen them and conducted face to face interviews to ensure they are of the right calibre
  • Our in-house compliance department will perform all of the necessary checks including visas, FLT licenses and right to work verification
  • We will contact referees supplied by the applicant(s), to further ensure that they are the best candidates suited to your role
  • We will organise interview times for shortlisted candidates with you, to suit the time and days that work best for you, so you can leave all of the communication with the applicant to us
  • We can also provide an induction assistance program, completely tailored to you, to train new starters on the role, your company rules & regulations, health & safety and more – saving on the time it would take for one of your internal staff to perform a new starter induction

By working with Essential, you can ensure the only candidates you interview for your role(s) have already been:

  • Screened
  • Compliance checked
  • Reference checked
  • Interviewed face-to-face at the agency 


Plus, you can take advantage of the candidates on our database who are already registered and readily available to start work immediately!

And if a candidate doesn’t work out, we can go back through previously shortlisted applications to find another suitable candidate for your role.

Reach thousands of jobs seekers at short notice!

At Essential we own and manage 30 Facebook job groups across the Midlands & Yorkshire with over 180,000 members!!

Being in control of our own groups means we can take immediate action at short notice and post your vacancies to thousands of job seekers looking for work.


But can’t I just post in Facebook groups instead?

Being our own group admins means our posts will be posted instantly – saving on all of the time your posts are sat waiting for someone to manually approve resulting in zero exposure to the group members!

Saving your money

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We often focus on how much we are going to have to spend on a product or service, but why not look at how much you can save...

According to a Glassdoor 2020 report, the average cost-per-hire in the UK is £3,000!

  • Our in-house marketing team manages the advertising your vacancy(s), saving you money from outsourcing this service – plus we offer extra services like video content at no extra cost to you!
  • You can benefit from our advertising budgets on Indeed and Facebook, where your jobs can be sponsored to reach more job seekers at no extra cost to you
  • We already have contracts set up with job boards that give us access to CV searching facilities & sponsoring jobs, so why pay for them too?
  • When hiring directly you will be paying for your advertising from day one, where as hiring through Essential there is no fee until the candidate is placed with you. If you don’t hire any candidates put forward by our agency, it hasn’t cost you a thing to give us a try
  • Rebate schemes are available on permanent staff, so if a candidate was to leave and we have an agreement in place, you can recover a portion of the fee
  • We provide induction assistance to train your new starters, minimising removing staff from your production or packing lines to train new starters
  • You have a back up option should you need sickness or holiday cover for your staff, ensuring that your production keeps running
  • Our in-house payroll and compliance teams means you don’t need to pay to outsource these services
  • We all know time = money, so by us providing support from the initial advertising stage all the way to training your new recruits with our induction assistance, you’re not taking existing staff away their production duties and losing money from decreased production

Recruiting options when rising costs are affecting your business...

The current rises in costs are immensely impacting high energy businesses such as manufacturing, warehousing and refrigeration.

  • Shipping and transportation costs have increased
  • Non-domestic electricity costs have increased
  • Employees are seeking higher salaries due to the rising cost of living
  • Inflation in the cost of materials
  • Non-domestic gas prices have risen
  • Fuel prices have soared

With costs rising, have you considered hiring workers on a temporary ongoing contract rather than a straight permanent contract?

Hiring on a temporary basis gives you the flexibility to react to the requirements of your business more efficiently, meaning you can easily decrease your workforce if required, without needing to let permanent staff in a contract go.

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  • You save on paying out for redundancy and notice pay
  • You save on needing to let workers work a notice period – temporary workers will be cancelled straight away
  • You save on the admin and HR costs of letting a permanent member of staff go
  • It saves you the guilt, sorrow and headache of making the decision to let a permanent member(s) of staff go
  • You save on risking losing more perm staff who chose to leave over redundancy worries

Matching skilled professionals to your permanent vacancies.

Don’t have time to spend 27.5 days on your next hire?

Interested in reaching thousands of job seekers free of charge?

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