Why you should prioritise values when choosing a supplier


When deciding which recruitment agency to partner with, there are loads of things to consider, such as;

  • Price
  • What the service includes
  • Where the agency is based
  • What their specialities are
  • Client reviews
  • What freebies they might send you (kidding… kinda)

But there’s another thing to consider – who will you be dealing with on the day to day?

We all know what it’s like to receive crappy customer service, or how painful it can be deal with slow or non-responsive account managers. If you’re paying for a service, you should be treated as a priority!

A lot of companies may say that they have a great culture, but we’ve been working on that lately and we genuinely think it’s true.

It’s not just words on paper. It’s not just a plaque on the wall. It’s a shared set of values that each individual that works for Essential lives by – because we believe that together, we succeed…


Things to consider when you’re shopping around for a new agency:

What kind of culture do they have in their workplace?

Who will you be dealing with day to day?

How many other clients does your account manager deal with?

What happens when your account manager is on holiday?

How do they engage with candidates to make them feel valued?

How does the company encourage their staff to be motivated and provide the best service to you?

How do the employees feel about their company? Do they believe in the service they are selling?


We’d love to tell you all about the way that WE work, so get in touch – even if just to benchmark the service you’re already getting from your agency.

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