Why minimum wage is never enough

Why minimum wage is never enough

The recent rise in the minimum wage has seen roughly 3% (1,386,000) of the UK population receive a 19 pence increase in their hourly salary.

The issue with minimum wage is in the name – regardless of increases, the rate remains the least amount you can legally pay an employee. This wage is a symbol of low status  for many employees and something that the average worker strives to get away from early in their career.

Certain factors increase a candidate’s unwillingness to work for the minimum rate, such as:

  • Experience in the exact role
  • Specific qualifications
  • Having undertaken courses that are needed for the role
  • Having earned a higher rate previously

If you are advertising a vacancy for a minimum wage role, you can expect to see  applications from inexperienced, unqualified candidates. The rate can act as an indicator for ‘free-for-all’ roles whilst higher skilled, more experienced candidates.