What do British workers want?


A study has revealed that 40% of British workers are looking to switch careers in the next two years in search of new skills, more flexibility or to find a better work-life balance.

A shocking 47%* of workers are unfulfilled with their current career. They’re looking for roles in which they feel valued and where their contributions make an impact.

A positive reaction to these findings would be to apply the changes the workers want to see to their current positions:








Acknowledge worker’s personal commitments by allowing an early finish / later start / extended lunch for things such as picking up/dropping off children, hospital appointments, taking a furniture delivery etc. Perhaps they could start earlier to finish earlier, or make up the time elsewhere. A content worker will not want to abuse this freedom.









New skills

Is there any opportunity for a worker to cover another department if you fall short staffed? Could enhancing a current worker’s knowledge cut the cost of outsourcing a service? Perhaps training would increase the worker’s efficiency or productivity.
Consider up-skilling before making newer, more senior hires.



Increased fulfillment

Many companies are putting emphasis onto rewarding their staff with things such as extra holidays, teambuilding weekends, staff events, free healthcare and more.
These perks are not only attractive to current staff, but may also make your company more attractive to future candidates.


*Source: First Direct.