This worker runs 17 miles to work each day, so we rewarded him!

This is Richard.

Richard works for one of our Chesterfield based clients, and has been running to and from work – an act that has proved his fantastic work ethic to us, and earned our Temp of the Month award.

Each month we run a Temp of the Month competition – each branch nominates one of their hardest workers, and our MD, Marc chooses one to win.

Below is the story of what our Senior Consultant, Chloe did with her winner to recognise his dedication.



“I wanted to share something with you, not only because I am proud of the team we have but to reiterate the importance of our Temp of the Month awards.

Due to the size of one of clients, we decided to run a separate Temp of the Month for them, which all the store managers have supported and really got involved in and have always nominated someone each month.

This month was a tough decision and we had some incredible nominations. However by far the most deserving was Richard Baker. He has been in regular work now and has been praised for his work ethic, reliability and all round for being a top bloke.

Richard runs to work and back everyday, not because he has to but he chooses too. This to me shows such dedication. Unfortunately though Richard’s trainers had seen better days, so we decided to buy him some new trainers to say thanks and reward him for his hard work. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could run a total of 17miles each day!


Old Vs New! 



This went down an absolute treat and it was noticed not only by Richard but by our client. Please see below the email myself and Rob received last night from the store manager after presenting Richard with his gifts.




 width=“Evening Both,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to ‘Thank You’ for the very noble and heart warming deed towards Richard Baker today and in making him your/our winner of  ‘Temp of the Month’.

It was a very commendable act, handled very tactfully and executed with sheer professionalism by you and all at Essential, something that I am very accustom to in the service you provide.

There is no doubt that he fully deserved the title this month and if anything it has brought the team closer together. They have commented on how thoughtful the gesture was and agree that he has earned it, through and through.

He was so happy! Ran off like a Blue Blur.

On another note… I have to state that ‘ALL’ the guys I have at the moment are doing an outstanding job, a great reliant team, couldn’t ask for anything more.

Well Done You!!!!!!”



Story by:
Chloe Abbott,
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Chesterfield Office
01246 278 000