The secret to easy hiring

Hiring new staff is time consuming, tedious and often very frustrating. Hiring CAN be easier!

The more vague the job description, the more applicants you’ll get. Advertising for a Customer Service role can result in hundreds of applications from till workers and shelf-stackers, when what you really wanted was an experienced call center worker. Trawling through the CV’s you receive can often feel hopeless, you could settle for an ‘OK’ candidate, but there’s no knock-out applications.. and before you know it, you’ve spent a good week looking for the new hire. Posting job adverts, reading through applications, interviewing, assessing, deciding, negotiating.. it’s all time consuming. If you’ve spent 40 hours, for example, looking for the new member of staff, you’ve cost yourself anything from around £250 (if you earn minimum wage) to £620 (£30k) by spending your salaried time on something other than your actual job.  You may be thinking that this is still cheaper than using a recruitment agency such as ourselves, who charge 10% on permanent placements. But what if…

If it takes two weeks?

If the candidate you find rejects your offer, and you have to start again?

If the employee leaves after a week or two and you have to start again?

The solution? Recruitment Agency. Why?

1) We do all the hard work for you, allowing you to get on with your actual job.

2) We recruit to your specifications, presenting who we think to be the best candidate for your business – you have the opportunity to meet and interview these finely selected candidates and have the final say.

3) It’s easy hiring. You don’t pay a penny for our services until we’ve found the right candidates.

3) We offer a rebate on our fees if the employee leaves within 12 weeks.

There’s really nothing more simple. We hope to hear from you soon.. find our contact details here: