The 6 types of people you’ll find working in HR

Offices are a strange place…

When you’re spending 40+ hours each week with a bunch of people, you’re going to find out a lot about their personality.

Here’s a fun list of the 6 types of people you’ll find working in HR – and remember, if you don’t know who the person is in your office.. it’s probably you.

1.The Mum

She has experienced everything, and will happily share her knowledge. She isn’t afraid of giving you a hug  when you’re sad, and she makes the BEST brews.

She always starts a conversation half way through the story, but everyone just smiles and nods along anyway…

2.The Bottomless Pit

The feeder. The human vending machine. The one stomach wonder.

This person is always hungry, but always gets the tastiest snacks. They always want to order breakfast, get huge lunches, and then go out for Dinner – but still remain stick thin.

3.The Nerd

This person seems to have eaten a dictionary, an encylopedia and basically half of the internet.

Can’t format your word document? They can.
Can’t connect to the internet? They can.
Printer broken? They’ll fix it.

4. The Smooth Talker

This person is cool as a cucumber. They can get out of the stickiest situations, and they could sell just about anything.

5. The Never Ending Story

This person has all the answers – but they won’t ever be able to answer without going off on a tangent. You know you need to speak to them, but you don’t always have the energy..

6. The Dopey One

This person is fantastic at their job, but beyond that… they seem to struggle with the basics of life.

According to this person, the UK has a president, Cumbria is in Australia, you can drive down the Euro Tunnel and Uniorns are real.

At least they’re a good source of entertainment..