Putting the Recruitment Agency in context.

Putting the Recruitment Agency in context.
The why, what, where, when, and who of recruitment…


Using Google’s predictive ways, we’ve pulled out what we see as the key questions people have regarding recruitment companies… you may notice a spot of repetition – we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.



1 – Three possible explanations to why you might hate agencies.
– You’ve been using a really bad one.
– You’re a bad candidate.
– You don’t understand how they work.

2 – Recruitment agencies are ‘good’ in a number of ways.
– We recruit on behalf of busy companies thus saving them time, effort and hassle.
– We help candidates find work by contacting them about the vacancies we have available.

3. – Recruitment agencies ‘do it’ for similar reasons that most businesses operate. No hidden agenda!

4 – This last point could ask why people use agencies… and the answer is pretty much the same as #2.




1/2 – We take a booking from a client, and either use the candidates we have on our system or search for new people to fill said booking. We use CV searching, job  boards, networking, promotions etc to ensure we find the right candidate.

3 – We charge our clients a fee for the supply of staff, and that fee depends on both the contract of the role (temporary or permanent) and the nature of the job (environment, skill, pay rate etc). For permanent staff, the fee is a percentage of the candidate’s proposed annual salary.


We NEVER charge the candidate for finding them work.

4 – N/A.



1 – We make money by charging the client a margin on top of the candidates pay rate.



1 – We get paid when we invoice our client, which is generally around every 30 days. You get paid on Fridays – our payroll is processed on Tuesdays, so any hours you have worked prior to Tuesday of each week will be paid the following Friday.
2 – We check references before we send you in to work – this is how we satisfy ourselves that you will be a great worker for our client.



1 & 2 – The best recruitment agencies are those that will pay you an honest wage, will never charge you to work, and that consider your needs. Bigger companies don’t necessarily mean better working conditions, either.

3. – touched upon previously. We charge the client, not candidate.

4 – We are simply a middle man between business and worker. We are outsourced hiring managers working behalf of our clients. Businesses outsource many things – IT, advertising, water coolers.. etc, and also recruitment!


We hope we’ve cleared up any confusion you may have had, but if not, direct any questions to info@essentialrecruitment.co.uk