Press Release

We are releasing a statement to address the concern spreading around social media that we unfairly treat protected status workers.


All temporary workers are employed under a contract for services and have a weekly rolling contract. This form of contract is for temporary work and as such our clients can request that a worker is no longer required for various reasons.


These can and will include, as with any job, poor performance, recurring absence and lateness, breaches in health and safety and inability to perform the tasks required of the role.


Regardless of a workers, race, gender or any other status covered by the equality act or general worker welfare, all workers engaged via essential recruitment are treated fairly. If any of the afore mentioned breaches in their contract come to light we, in conjunction with our hiring client will do all we can to address the situation and strive to remedy it prior to ending the contract.


In the specific case being discussed on social media the worker was given ample opportunities to correct the breaches that had been committed before the hiring company made the decision to release the worker from their contract. Both the hiring company had made adjustments, given pastoral care and training to the worker but this was not accepted and resulted in there being no other choice but to no longer provide further work at the specific contract.


Social media is a great media of our generation and can provide a platform for many great people and causes. However, in reverse this can be damaging when people do not have all the facts and ‘jump on the band wagon’ of a single person’s opinion. We would welcome any one who has an opinion and who are directly involved in the situation to contact us directly for further clarification.


As a business we remain resolute to treating everyone in a fair, reasonable, ethical and legal way.