Office Event Schedule 2014

Here is the proposed list of dress up/down days for our 8-branch network for 2014.

Beach Day August, Friday 1st

Summer  fancy dress… strictly no mankinis/bikinis!! Shorts, dresses, sunglasses, sunhats, snorkels, novelty items etc. all acceptable!


Halloween – Fri 31st

Standard Halloween fancy dress & decorations.


Christmas Tue/Wed 23/24th December

Standard Christmas fancy dress & decorations.



A few fundraising ideas;


Sponsored silence – only speak on the phone or by email! All utterances cost 5p per word!

Sponsored impressions – nominate someone to impersonate someone else for the whole day

Mouth-cramming contest – for example, how many Maltesers can you fit in your mouth? Others must donate an amount for each one! OR can you eat 5 cream crackers in 30 seconds? Pay for every second you go over, make others pay for every second under. Times/money can be adjusted.

Bingo – Win back half of the entry money, the other half goes to charity.

Bake Sale – Make your own and sell them to colleagues

Pirate Games: small games; sponsored standing on one leg, ‘dig for treasure’ 20p a go, dig through a smallish sand box to find a ‘prize’ – sweets etc. Leave on front desks for guests.