Less is more: How using multiple agencies can cause more harm to your business

Need to increase your chances of getting staff through the door?

Think working with many agencies at once is the solution?

Here’s 5 reasons why working with multiple agencies can cause more harm than good:

1. Competition

Competition between agencies can often cause speed over quality. When using multiple agencies they are all going to be competing to fill that role first. Which means potentially rushing through the screening process and not focusing on the quality of the candidate they are supplying.

2. Wasted Time

Are you using an agency to save time? Well you may be spending just as much time trying to keep up contact with multiple recruiters. More agencies means more calls, emails, visits, service reviews, contracts to set up, CV’s to review and more! You don’t want to end up even busier than you were before.

3. Miscommunication

Working with multiple agencies can increase miscommunication. It may get confusing as to who’s working on what vacancy, who’s supplied which candidate, which agencies are supplying you with updates and who aren’t. By working with less it keeps it simpler for you.

4. Reputation

An agency can become an extension of your business, as they are representing you when recruiting for you. The experience the candidate has with the recruiter can either portray your business in a negative or positive way, as they can associate their experience with you too. By working with less agencies, there is less competition and more focus on providing a higher quality of service.

5. Same Candidate Pool

Most agencies will likely have a lot of the same candidates registered with them, so they will have access to the same pool of job seekers. Therefore, job seekers are being offered the same opportunities by multiple agencies.

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