January Updates

With the uncertainty over the past year, it is hugely reassuring for us to be able to share all of the positive news we have as a company right now.


Our staff have continued to work super hard through the hardest and most testing of times, resulting in our turnover increasing 13.5% compared to Jan 2020!

Seems like they’re so used to keeping their cool that Pandemics don’t even phase ‘em!


New business is coming in weekly and there is significant interest from further companies, which is fantastic in the current circumstances.


We’ve even been able to welcome 3 new aspiring consultants, welcome to Georgia, Leah and Natalie.


Our online registration system has gone live, part of a larger investment to our CRM software, which both improves Covid safety and increases efficiency for our staff, meaning they have to spend less time doing mind-numbing data entry, and can spend more time working with clients and candidates.


We began our partnership with Reformed IT – having Joe and the gang on hand means less downtime and increased efficiency.


We’ve invested in new hardware which will be arriving soon – dual screens will mean our consultants are even slicker and our new VOIP phone system is both saving money and making communication between branches faster than ever.  


None of this would be possible without our resilient staff, understanding clients and hardworking candidates.
We’re feeling grateful, and looking forward to what the rest of 2021 will bring.

Thanks everyone!