How to create and use QR codes

QR Codes are HOT right now! 

The Pandemic saw a huge increase in contactless technology last year, a movement that saw QR codes finally come out of the shadows and into the limelight. Although they’ve been around for a while, they were never a huge hit.

One of the reasons for their new success is that Android and iPhone users can now scan QR codes directly from their phone camera rather than needing to download a separate QR code reader app.

QR codes have seen a huge increase in use during the Pandemic, being used for a whole host of applications – from the Government’s Track and Trace System, to providing diners with electronic versions of menu’s to reduce contamination.

We’ve been experimenting with QR codes to offer quick links to our job vacancies from banners on Industrial Estates – candidates find it easier to scan a code with their camera than typing out long URL’s.


Would you like to try making your own?

Step one: Decide what you’d like the code to link to.

A few examples would include:

  • Link to a webpage
  • Share contact information – allow customers to scan a QR code on your business card and save your contact info straight to their phone!
  • Link to a YouTube video
  • Link to your social media profile
  • Give directions by linking to Google Maps
  • Short on space? Link your QR code to a longer text document


Step two: Use a QR Code generator website (such as to create your code.


Step three: Add your QR code to your desired locations


That’s it! We hope you have fun getting creative with QR codes.