How can you save money through temp staffing?

While permanent staff provide stability and continuity, it’s essential for businesses to carefully consider and manage these various costs to maintain financial sustainability. When using agency staff there is a charge for our services, however you can be more flexible with your workforce throughout the year to reflect your business demands, without incurring the long-term costs associated with permanent employees.

Here’s how a temporary workforce can help to save you money:

Your additional costs include:

  • Benefits and allowances for permanent staff
  • HR & Payroll administrative costs of hiring and paying permanent staff
  • Recruitment costs from the advertising and onboarding of permanent staff
  • Employee turnover costs of replacing a permanent member of staff
  • Redundancy costs of letting a permanent member of staff go

However when hiring through Essential:

  • Our inhouse marketing team provide assistance at no extra cost
  • All compliance is dealt with inhouse
  • Our inhouse payroll department administer the payroll for the candidates we supply
  • There is no fee until the candidate starts with you
  • You can decrease or increase your workforce accordingly
  • You can take advantage of trial periods through temp to permanent placements
Please contact us to discuss how we could help to save your business money:
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