Hidden ‘Modern Slavery’!

Immigration (and more importantly ‘Illegal’ immigration) is high on the agenda. We are all aware of the despicable human trafficking situation and the unscrupulous employers that take advantage of the cheap labour. Reputable recruitment companies have sound processes to ensure that all their workers and contractors have the right to work in the UK.  However, even the most diligent of businesses are getting caught out with ‘Imposter switching’. This where an individual with entitlement to work in the UK successfully completes the recruitment process but (without the labour provider or employers knowledge) is substituted by someone else (an imposter who does not have the entitlement to work in the UK) who then actually undertakes the work. In some cases modern slavery is apparent.

Recruitment trade bodies are currently seeking guidance and clarification on the potential penalties that can be incurred in such circumstances and how best to protect themselves. In the meantime it is the responsibility of the recruitment.

Essential Recruitment has put significant investment in to new software to enhance our already robust procedures.

For more information on how you can protect your business, please call your local branch.


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