Essential Tips to Stay Motivated Working From Home

As a result of the impact from the Coronavirus, a lot of the population will now be working from home. For some modern professionals, this is nothing new and may be an easier adjustment than for those of us who find this a new domain. Staying motivated and focused whilst working from home can be challenging as we have to learn to separate our work lives and our personal lives whilst they co exist under the same roof.

To help find this balance, we have put together some Essential tips to help us all keep motivated and meet those goals!


  1. Daily Routine

When you are usually traveling to work, your commute can help you feel ready to seize the day by the time you arrive. However, when all you have to do is get out of bed and walk over to your desk, you definitely won’t be feeling the same sense of motivation!

A simple way to combat this is to try to replicate your daily routine as much as possible. Get up at the same time you would usually start your day, get ready as if you were going into work and if you can, aim to get some fresh air or complete some stretches to help you to feel energised. This way, by the time you sit down at your desk for the day, you will feel more productive and ready to start.


  1. Wearing a Uniform

Get dressed for work in the same style clothes that you would normally wear. Obviously this doesn’t mean if you usually wear a suit, you should sit in a suit all day! However, studies have shown that by wearing your usual work attire, it can help you focus and switch off at the end of your working day when you get changed.


  1. Designated Work Area

Having a designated space to work in from home is extremely important in order to stay motivated. You should always set up an area where you feel you won’t be easily distracted and will be able to power through your to-do list. This would preferably be a space with some natural daylight but if this isn’t possible, make sure you have plenty of light to keep you feeling energised. Try to keep the area a comfortable temperature and make it as inspiring as you like. For example, some people like to have flowers or a plant on their desk to brighten their mood.


  1. Keep Moving

When working from home it can be easy to become lethargic if you don’t get enough exercise. An easy way to combat this is to move about on your dinner break. If you can, try to go for a short walk outside or practice some yoga in your garden. This will enable you to avoid an afternoon slump and feel refreshed for the rest of your day.


  1. Communicate with your Colleagues

It is true when they say, communication is key! By keeping in contact throughout the day with your colleagues you can keep on track with your goals. You can discuss what you have achieved so far and what you want to accomplish next. Brainstorming your ideas together in this way relieves the sense of working individually and can make you feel comforted that you are still a part of the team.