Essential Recruitment Outshine Fundraising Pledge for Ashgate Hospice in 2014


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Over the course of the year Essential Recruitment have organised various fundraising days, including dressing up for ‘Beach Day’, Halloween and an ‘Onesie Day’. They’ve ran an office tuck shop, completed a ‘skate-off’, endured the ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge, gambled in Internal World-Cup Sweepstakes and biggest of all, ran their online charity auction.

“We’re so pleased to say we’ve been able to support Ashgate Hospice this year, and successfully surpass the £2,000 we pledged to raise.”

“Ashgate have been our Charity of the Year for 2014, after winning our hearts with their simple mantra, “Living for every day”. It occurred to us that by having fun, living freely and smiling with friends and family is something many people take for granted. We decided to make a change this year: We’d consciously concentrate on enjoying ourselves, whilst raising money for such a worthwhile cause.” Says Marketing Co-ordinator, Emma Coleman.
Thank you’s.

“We’d like to say thank you to: All the staff at Essential and the following companies for getting involved over the year, in no particular order: Prosol, The Health Insurance Group, Redtooth, Enviroco, Donnington Race track, D C Rolfe, Privacy Shades, Bisbel Magnetics, PPS Midlands, TileRite, Christies by Design, Elysium Hair Chesterfield, Speed Plastics, The Village Bar, Wiltshire Farm Foods, i-Pro stadium Derby, Celebrity Motion Furniture. The bidders of eBay for helping us with our items for the charity auction and lastly thanks for Ashgate Hospice for doing such wonderful and meaningful work.”