Don’t get left behind: Why embracing change is vital for your business!

"We've always done it this way"

How is this harmful to your business?

The ability to embrace change isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Companies that resist change often find themselves lagging behind. Change helps us to stay competitive in the market, whilst keeping us up to date and relevant in today’s constantly changing world.

Change also includes shifting workforce expectations. This resistance can be particularly detrimental in the realm of recruitment, where staying adaptive is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.


Here’s several reasons why change can impact your business positively and negatively: 

  • You get stuck in a routine/outdated ways of doing things
  • You become less relevant
  • You can struggle to attract new talent to the business
  • You’re not up to date with the rest of the world
  • You get left behind from the rest of the market
  • The working environment can become unmotived and uninspired
  • You may experience decreased employee morale
  • Keeps you competitive in the market
  • Allows you to grow with changing consumer demands and behaviours
  • Opens you up to new markets
  • Keeps you innovative
  • Takes you out of your comfort zone
  • You learn to adapt to change in the world
  • You stand out from the rest of the market
How have our clients embraced change and seen instant results?

Video Content

We’ve helped lots of our clients increase their number of candidates placed through video content of their site and operations (all free of charge!).


Assessing pay rates

Many of our clients have become more competitive in the market with their pay rates by using hiring reports and poll results we’ve provided.


Recruiting straight permanent

Many of our clients have filled hard to recruit positions simply by changing the type of contact they offer to become more attractive to job seekers.

Pride Pics (1)

Why is this? – 96% of people use video to learn more about a product or service (Source: thesocialshepherd – Aug 2022)

Embracing change is no longer an option but a necessity in today’s dynamic business environment. Companies that are willing to adapt and innovate are the ones that thrive, while those that resist change risk obsolescence. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and openness to new ideas, businesses can enhance their competitiveness, improve efficiency, attract top talent, and better meet the evolving needs of their customers.

If you’ve been struggling with your recruitment for a while, using an agency may be just what you need! You can take advantage of our recruitment & market knowledge and expertise to take a fresh perspective on your roles and the way they are advertised to job seekers.

For a no obligation chat to discuss how working in partnership with Essential could provide solutions to some of the issues you’re facing, please fill out the below form and a Consultant from your local Essential office will be in touch to discuss this further.

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