Considering an apprenticeship? Hear my Story!

“I was like you – unsure of my future and what path to take; whether to get an apprenticeship or tackle University. I went down the road of an apprenticeship. At first it was just a grind of finding one actually suiting my interests and strengths – I looked at everything from a Machine Operator to working in a Call Center! After a long search, I found Essential Recruitment.

I remember my first interview and meeting my future employer, sat there being effectively tested as to whether I’d fit in to the Essential family. However it’s safe to say after just two days I definitely think Essential is the place for me!

The team is friendly and engaging, supportive and enthusiastic guiding me from day to day. I am now integrated into their marketing team, focusing on social media and website maintenance.

My story is like many others but now maybe its time for you to write your own!

My Top Tips!
If you’ve got the interview lined up but you have no clue how to succeed here are my top tips for total success:

  • Be enthusiastic! No one wants to employ a de-motivated candidate.
  • Research the business. I made this mistake and thought I’d be fine, and it almost cost me my position! I made sure that for my second interview I knew the company inside out, back to front, upside down and left to right!
  • In the interview they’re going to bombard you with questions – don’t panic, take a deep breath and relax, answer them directly. Don’t avoid the question, if you’re upfront and straight to the point they’ll be putty in your hands!
  • Dress for the job you want not the job you’ve got. Nothing looks worse than when a candidate arrives wearing joggers and a hoodie! Get suited and booted and look the part.
  • A vital attribute of any job is that you arrive on time and can be relied on. Arrive 15 minutes early for your interview – it makes you look hungry for the job and eager to start. width=

I applied all of these tips to my interview and now I’m writing to you from behind my desk at Essential. Follow this guide and I know you could be in my place writing your own blog! If you are successful, I wish you the greatest of luck and I know the place is lucky to have such a driven ambitious candidate. However if you’re not successful don’t take it personally, take it on the chin ask for your feedback, apply that to your next interview and I know eventually you will be as successful as those before you!”