Commission structures at Essential Recruitment

At Essential, our commission structures couldn’t be simpler. Our staff are motivated with 5 main incentive schemes; each of our schemes are outlined in PDF format and are available on our internal shared network drive.

We have made a specific effort to make sure all Essential staff are made aware of:

  • Their eligibility for each scheme
  • When incentives will be delivered
  • Deadlines and thresholds.
  • How the incentives are realistically achievable.

As part of this awareness campaign, we have devised short quizzes to ensure that staff fully understand the terms and conditions of the schemes. This included keyword definition and providing examples of situations that would lead to the incentive being presented.

Our interest in sharing this information comes after Employment Law firm Osbourne Clark states that “all possible angles and all stages of engagement which affect commission within the scheme terms and conditions” should be covered when setting up commission structures within business.


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