Case Study: Money, Time and Peace of Mind

Saving money, time & giving peace of mind!

In the world of business, the right partnerships are vital! When a company faces challenges with it’s labour provider, the consequences can be damaging, from disruptions in production timelines to your end user satisfaction and brand reputation. 


In this case study will be discuss how we stepped in to help a client to overcome their significant issues with a previous supplier. As well resolving immediate problems, we also help to lay the foundation for sustained growth and improved operations. 


Read on to discover the steps we took, the solutions we provided and the outcomes we achieved:

Our client was experiencing the following issues with a previous supplier:
  • Poor calibre of staff supplied (walking of site, poor attendance, arriving at wrong site)
  • Candidates had no understanding of the job role and what was expected of them
  • Candidates had no understanding of the working environment
  • Inadequate inductions and not being completed by the agency
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of onsite presence
  • High staff turnover
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The solutions we provided to address and improve these issues:
  • We met and registered each candidate to make sure they have a full understanding of the role. Explained our pre–screen, face to face and interview structure to ensure that candidates are better suited to the role
  • Completed a job shadow with the company, which enabled us to understand the working environment on a deeper level to thoroughly explain the job role to applicants, so they know what to expect in the role and what is expected of them within the role
  • We provided a bespoke video induction for the company to improve candidates knowledge and arrival process
  • We completed walk arounds so the candidate knows where they need to be and what they need to do on each shift
  • All candidates fully briefed of the job role and expectations before starting
  • Clear, regular, honest communication on a daily basis
The results:
  • The right calibre of candidates supplied, of which some of the candidates have secured permanent contracts
  • Fully briefed candidates, who have been interviewed face to face and have all their right to work checked and verified
  • The agency has a full understanding of each job role and the environment candidates will be working in due to job shadowing
  • Consistent onsite inductions for all new starters utilising our bespoke video
  • All new candidates checked in on first shift / week, improving the on-boarding experience, reducing absences and enabling us to replace when needed
  • Welcome booklet for candidates, providing Essential information
  • Client kept up to date and good communication with regular reviews
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And overall, saving the client money, time and giving them peace of mind!

For a no obligation chat to discuss how working in partnership with Essential could provide solutions to some of the issues you’re facing, please fill out the below form and a Consultant from your local Essential office will be in touch to discuss this further.

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