Are these common hiring mistakes costing you time and money?

Hiring the right candidate is paramount to your company’s success. Amongst the urgency to fill vacant positions and meet operational demands many businesses can fall prey to common hiring mistakes that drain your resources, time and money. 

Here are some of the common mistakes companies can make during the hiring process and how they can affect your business:

1. Failing to define the job requirements and receiving candidates who aren't the right fit for the role:
Failing to define the exact requirements of a job can lead to negeative consequences for both you and the employee, including:
  1. Misalignment between the skill and experience expectations you are looking for in a candidate and how the applicant determines whether they are suitable for the role. This can lead to an influx of unsuitable applications that wastes your time having to filter through them and extends the hiring period 
  2. A lack of clarity defining the job requirements could lead to a poor hiring decision and increased turnover as it can cause the candidate to become dissatisfied with the role as they may feel misinformed and their skills aren’t matching the demands of the role. This can lead to wasted time, rescources and cost of having to go through the process again to find a more suitable candidate 
  3. Confusion over job requirements can cause stress and conflict in the workplace as employees struggle to understand what is expected of them which can lead to minimised production output 

This is why as part of the service we provide to you, we offer job shadows of your roles to ensure:

  • We understand the requirements and environment we are recruiting for
  • We describe the role accurately to candidates
  • We manage the expectations of candidates
  • We understand what skills and experience you’re seeking in a candidate
  • We identify candidates who have the right attitude towards the role
  • We understand the impact of getting the role duties wrong

This enables us to focus on providing you with the most suitable candidate(s) who have the right skills, attitude and cultural fit who will be an asset to your workforce.

“We currently use three agencies but Essential are our go to simply because they care about our business and provide us with the best possible candidates.”

– M Tams, Client Testimonial

2. Rushing the hiring process

Hiring quickly to fill a position can lead to a poor evaluation of the candidate’s skills, experience and cultural fit. It’s important to take the time to screen candidates carefully – this is where we can step in and help to relieve you of the time it would take to thoroughly screen your applicants. 

When hiring through Essential you can be sure that each candidate has been thoroughly screened, compliance checked (right to work checks, visa checks, FLT licence verification etc.), interviewed face to face at the agency to assess the candidate’s disposition and reference checked to verify their suitability to the role before being put forward. This means you only need to spend your time interviewing applicants who are the most suitable for your business.

3. Ignoring red flags

If you rush through the hiring process it’s easy to overlook red flags. It’s important to take note of these warning signs and investigate further before making a hiring decision as they can lead to:

  • Poor job performance leading to missed deadlines, quality issues and decreased production output
  • Negative impacts on team morale from employees who have to pick up the extra work and may become demotivated or resentful 
  • Poor hires could lead to damage to your brand reputation both internally and externally 

We are continually engaging with job seekers and can indentify common red flags in applications & interviews that can save you making a poor hiring decision.
4. Not checking references

Failing to check a candidate’s references can lead to hiring someone who doesn’t have the necessary skills or experience for the job, which again can lead to missed red flags, poor cultural fit, increased turnover and wasted resources. 

Reference checking is an important step in the hiring process and we reference check all of the candidates that we supply to confirm their suitability.


A bad hire can lead to a loss of your time, a loss of productivity, a cost to your company, and increased hassle and stress. Leave the time, hassle and screening to us, to gain your time back and increase your peace of mind. Please contact us to discuss this further:

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