A message from our Operations Manager

Over this last week or so my pride of Essential Recruitment (although hard to get much bigger) has been elevated to astronomical heights and here are a few reasons why…..

– Comments from potential clients such as “you are honest and transparent, something that is lacking in your industry in my belief” and “great presentation with ideas and an effort and understanding that none of your competitors have had”.

– The feedback from our Masterclass sessions* and the way in which it was approached by the delegates

– The way in which the Essential Academy** idea has been embraced

– The positivity, interaction and inclusion I witnessed around the table at our recent managers meeting

– The development being seen in our newer members of the team

The list goes on…..

But finally and very impressively the effort that has gone in to the Easter Egg collection. The smiles that will adorn those sick children’s faces next week will be a sight that should melt the hardest of hearts.

I have purposely not mentioned any individuals in the above as everything we do should be recognised as a team effort. No matter how big or small a part you have played, be proud, be very proud!

Thanks for reading and allowing my little “gush”

Marc Orli,
Operations Manager

*Masterclass sessions are ran by our Business Development guy, Kristian Rachael. These are training sessions for consultants.
**The Essential Academy is a structured training scheme for all consultants to ensure full and confident understanding of all aspects of recruitment. Full details will be publicised later in 2015.