A day in the life of – Tom Bates

Tom is a Senior Recruitment Consultant based at our Burton office.Tom’s a quiet man with simple tastes, but when he wants to make a statement you definitely listen! One of Tom’s favoured tastes is beer, and let him tell you, that taste is never simple.

Tom’s morning starts at a crisp 6.30am. Unlike most he doesn’t require 3 alarms to wake up, 1 is enough. His first task is completing the essentials after waking up – brushing the teeth, styling the fringe and after fitting in as many insults as possible to his brothers, Tom is ready for the day.

Although Tom is a big softy at heart he still keeps himself to himself. He will  only let you know what he wants you to know, made all the more mysterious by not knowing what his day to day job involves. Could it be MI5? Maybe it’s the SAS? No, he’s a specialist. A Recruitment Specialist. Tom’s loves to talk to his brothers about contentious topics such as Football, going out plans and most importantly who will park their car in the good spot tonight.
After coming to an agreement that Tom will have to park on the next street, he sets off to work.

Tom’s journey to work is a sweet 5 miles from his house, but that sweet 5 can turn to a dire 50 with the way Tom drives. He can normally be found on the St Peter’s Bridge roundabout cutting people up, veering off or showing some “Yobbo” the finger… Tom always arrives second in the office behind Sigita (Resourcer). He’ll arrive to the kettle already steaming, mugs prepared and the promise of an imminent brew. Tom takes his coffee like he takes his sorbet – strong, colourless and very basic (yep, we didn’t think that made sense either).  He’ll never know what to expect with the day ahead. He’ll do his morning staff check-in’s, complete the Daily Review Meeting, recap and plan everyone’s sales activity and then wonders if anyone is hungry enough to order breakfast from the local cafe. Tom’s morning is occupied with filling bookings, receiving interview feedback and assisting the team with any tasks they’re struggling with. One thing Tom has learned in the time he’s been in Recruitment is that it’s a very reactive job rather than proactive, completing and planning tasks as they appear.

In between tasks Tom likes to keep the team on their toes. He does this by giving them some “banter”. He’ll remind Sigita (Resourcer) about the time she asked Ben (Recruitment Consultant) to spell the word ‘you’ for her but instead of saying you, she said “ooOOoo”… He’ll remind Ben that Derby County are an average team that will never win anything. Tori (Recruitment Consultant) is next on the list, he jogs her memory of the drunken mistakes made on a night out. Finally it’s Charlotte (Recruitment Consultant) who once wore odd socks, but not just any, one was orange the other was white…

Tom has hit the barrier of Adulthood. No longer does he go to Sainsbury’s and contemplate his life over the sandwich range, he now precooks his Dinner at home and brings it in. Well, he’s managed 3 days so far… He failed on Monday as the temptation to order breakfast from the cafe round the corner was too strong for him. Willpower isn’t Tom’s strongest attribute, and neither is creativity, he’s had salad 3 times this week already, not exactly the most radical lunchtime menu! When the leaves are digested, Tom and Ben go out for a quick doorknocking session around the local area, dropping off goodies and strengthening relationships. Something else that strengthens is Ben’s bottle – In Tom’s car it’s the lottery of existence. Get him on a bad day and your percentage chance of death will increase by around 99%. Catch him on a good day you’ve a 100% chance you’ll never arrive at your destination within the same decade. Ben actually witnessed Tom get overtaken in the 30mph zone whilst going past a speed camera, that’s how slow they we’re going!
Other bad habits include changing his gear before putting the clutch down, sitting 3cm from his steering wheel and his mirrors are used to see if he has any spots or if any strands of hair have moved out of their designated position.

On arrival back at the office one of the most crucial parts of the day can begin… The quizzing of Tom about what happened to him on Sunday 24th February. It’s a topic that’s masked in secrecy, he quotes he’ll take it to the grave with him. The team have a few theories… A sexual plunder? A guilty pleasure he indulged? Or perhaps he stayed up past his normal bedtime of 10pm… Although Tom’s willpower is weak, he musters the courage not to cave. To avoid further questions, as soon as the clock strikes 5 he’s gone. The journey home is the same everyday, very boring, very slow and never entertaining. Well that’s until he looks behind him and sees the mile long pile up he’s caused…

After work, Tom’s as free as a bird and will be no doubt entertaining his favourite hobby, Drinking. ‘The Beer Connoisseur’ as he’s known between his friends dabbles in a few beverages. A cheeky Coors Light, perhaps a sensual Staropramen or maybe a seductive San Miguel. He’ll converse about controversial topics including Football, Golf, Women and Aliens. They don’t have a set agenda so they ride the waves of conversation. He’ll stumble home, have some strong, colourless and very basic food get into bed and do it all over again the next day.