A day in the life of – Ross Page

Ross is a Recruitment Consultant based at our Mansfield office, Ross is a Manchester United Fan, in other words he supports the team that’s winning the most. He’s not afraid to wind people up, but he can’t take it back. Typical.

Ross’s morning starts differently every day. Sometimes he’s woken up by the birds chirping outside his window, sometimes its the sound of his alarm and other times its the sharp feeling of his dog’s paws either in his face, in his back or in a certain area they shouldn’t be…
His dog lets out a smell that is – in Ross’s words – a ‘natural alarm clock’ and we can only imagine what that is like. After being awaken in a slightly smelly way, Ross begins his morning routine by letting the dog out so he can begin his first task of the day, getting dressed. Ross’s wardrobe is extensive, but he always opts for the same outfit. A pink shirt and shoes that are that tight you can almost see his toes through them…

Ross likes to take pride in his appearance; He brushes his teggies (whatever they are), styles his hair and sprays enough aftershave to last him until his next Birthday. Once smelling “beautiful”, Ross opens his front door and walks to his car. Ross loves his first step outside, the fresh smell of oxygen, or is it the smell Milo his dog left behind earlier, guess we’ll never know that one. Ross passed his driving test a whole 10 years ago and in that time it’s fair to say anyone that has ever traveled with him behind the wheel is lucky to be alive. He’s fearless on the roads, he often refers to himself in the office as Lewis Hamilton, except for the fact Ross is broke after spending 50p on a freddo and he drives a Citroen DS3. After breaking the speed limit and just slightly kissing the curb Ross arrives to work with 2 wheels missing and whiplash.

Ross bumbles into the office to the warm welcome of the team. Coffee pre-made, very strong, no sugar. Ross opens his lunch box that his Fiancee made him last night (he’s 28) and tucks into his Pain au Chocolat. Ross believes he’s a man of the world – he enjoys curry, french breakfasts and a good weekend trip to Skegness – Ross Page AKA Mr Worldwide.

One thing Ross can claim is that his impressions are second to none. Give him any accent and he can nail it immediately, it’s almost like he goes home and practices them… Well the Mansfield team once were that taken aback by his Scottish, they decided to nickname him Frank. Whenever Ross is being moody or perhaps a little tired, the team do the Frank Chant… “Bring Franky Out, Bring Franky Out!”

Mr Worldwide is still a caveman at heart with basic needs such as warmth, love and food (there’s this Essential Recruitment trait all employees have, their love of food!). Ross is a man whose opinion can never be changed, once he thinks something that is it. Tuna. Tuna to Ross is something that is at the pinnacle of food perfection. He’ll have Tuna on almost anything, toast, pasta, soup, but all of these pale in comparison to his favourite, Tuna on his maccies order. Dani, a fellow Consultant at Mansfield often bants him on his love of Tuna, but unfortunately for Dani, Ross is well equipped for such attacks bringing up how Dani’s car has two dents in it and she’s never taken it for a service in the 2 years she’s had it…

Ross is in a transition at the moment, (no he’s not changing Gender or his career to a Hairdresser) he’s beginning to take over a contract for Essential. After learning from Consultant Billy about the ins and outs at a local client, Ross will soon be running the contract solo, checking in, sorting time-sheets and filling bookings, a true milestone in his career here at Essential. After a jam packed day of drama, laughs and work Ross begins his journey home. He arrives home in record time, lets his pooing machine of a dog out and begins to wind down for the night. Ross is a huge football fan, he catalogs every pass, shot and tackle so he can go running to Jordan in Marketing boasting how good his side is, when we both know they’re mediocre at best.

Ross was a Chef before joining Essential, so he prepares Beans De La Toast for himself, slips his granddad slippers on and relaxes until bedtime.