A day in the life of – Marc Orli

This blog is part of a series of personal accounts of working at Essential Recruitment.

Marc is the Managing Director of Essential and has been with the company for 8 years. Marc’s up for a laugh and believe me you’ll know when he’s being serious, firm but fair – sort of like a really nice headmaster…

Luckily for us we get to take a sneak peak into the life of a Managing Director and see if they really are human?


Marc woke up at 6.01am, fourteen minutes before the alarm, head still full of Peaky Blinders (he finally got round to watching the last 2 episodes of season 4 last night) and thinking about the day ahead.

After a compulsory cup of tea, shirt of the day chosen, the phone pings to the sound of an email from a Branch Manager saying that a Consultant is still unwell after throwing up after a client check in yesterday morning (she was actually sick outside the client’s premises – I hope it didn’t leave the client with a bad taste in their mouth – pardon the pun!)

After perfecting the shoe / shirt combination Marc prides so highly, he leaves just after 7am for the 30-40 minute journey. Surprisingly it only took 30 minutes today, roads relatively clear and minimal middle lane drivers on the M1! (Jesus, perhaps he should put his CV in for the Traffic Corespondent for radio South Yorkshire?)

Of course, something was meant to go wrong this morning… Marc left his keys on the side at home so can’t get into his office until Carl (Financial Director) gets in. So who better to go and see than the trusty Marketing team and talk ‘box sets’ and catch up with a new campaign they are running. After several (very good) recommendations by Jordan including Band Of Brothers, The Pacific and House Of Cards it’s time to get to his desk.

A quick catch up with the Carl (now he’s arrived…) and the Chairman to discuss current issues and positive results, they then digress on to Nottingham Forest, England Rugby and house moves!

After a good catch up with teams and colleagues he finally reaches his desk to begin the day.

An excitable Abi (Business Development Consultant) bounds in to the office, whats new there? Another new client opportunity but the team need to decide if it’s possible for us to supply successfully. Time to call the Manager of the branch most local to the contract. They agree it’s possible, so time to get the ball rolling. Another great opportunity! He’s starting to lose count of the amount of great opportunities we’ve had this year…..

More success, another new client opportunity from Burton, Charlie the Branch Manager asks Marc to go on a visit with the client tomorrow to sort the finer details. All booked in, he’s a busy man you know… There must be something in the air today! (Well at least he hopes it’s in the air and not coming from him…)

Last week’s results are in, it’s confirmed a record month for the business. He completes the branch league table and Worksop are top of the shop for this month but it’s close (unlike him in the Essential Fantasy League… Marc’s getting pasted at the moment…) Time to send out the monthly round up email with congratulations and thanks to everyone. Time to sit back and think about the phone calls between rival branches, with veiled congratulations and gauntlets being laid “we’ll catch you next month”, all in good humour he hopes!

Another email to all, it’s tough recruiting at the minute, not enough candidates. A few words of advice to reiterate that we must look after those that do apply and do our best to get them work.

And another, Congratulations to Danielle (Consultant, Long Eaton office) who got married at the weekend and today is her first day back. Great for her at the minute, new husband, new home and a new baby in about five months time.

Call me Orli…

Outlook Orli…

With emails completed it’s onto more pressing business – Food! He rarely has breakfast, but always wants it… (unless the bacon sandwich order from the local cafe is being placed) so quick walk in to town. He can’t go to Greggs again probably because the woman behind the counter is starting to recognise him, he had a hot pork cob yesterday so, Ham salad cob with crisps and water… he tells himself at least the salad is one of his five a day.

Time to sign some documents for a less enjoyable situation but hey, it can’t all be roses round the door!

Time to leave for the Ripley branch to have some fun with the team before catching up with Lauren the Branch Manager and do her quarterly one to one. She’s doing well, he’s proud of her and her team, they’ve had a phenomenal year so far.

An extended drive home… and now…. You’re tuning in to Radio South Yorkshire and we’re with Traffic Corespondent Marc, what’s it like out there Marc?

‘When there is 4 lanes why do people sit in the 3rd lane and then drive slower than the limit?!’ He needs to get over it, but never will!

Anyways… finally home to the smile of family, cook a decent dinner (even if says so himself) and then back to packing boxes and wrapping things in bubble wrap, the move is fast approaching…