A Day In The Life Of – Grace Hammond

Grace’s morning starts at around 6am. The time varies depending on how hungover or tired she is. She’s currently in limbo as she’s moving house, so not only does she have to get up earlier – as she lives further away – but getting out of bed can actually incur some serious injuries! Jumping, dodging and hurdling over boxes and clutter left over from the move. After somehow not falling over, Grace will go into the bathroom and complete the first of her chores for the day. Brushing her teeth, washing her hair and most importantly contemplating whether she can cut another inch off the bottom of her hair. Once deciding that she’s going to let it grow for another few weeks, she’ll wander downstairs, make a very strong brew and begin planning out her day. Grace is on a bit of a health kick at the moment, eating well, regularly going to the gym and also finding an excuse to sink a pint or two on the weekend. She’ll prepare her bag, sort her lunch, and set off to work with her partner, Jay.

Since the move Grace’s journey time to work has gone from a “cushty” 2 minutes, to a “minging” 20. The journey is often made worse by severe traffic, hunger / tiredness and listening to Jay’s designated radio station, which ranges from Capital FM to Smooth Radio… Another issue the move has caused is being able to time leaving just right, so Grace doesn’t have to open the gates. The gates at Chesterfield do not cooperate. Not only are they heavy and old, but have a mind of their own and often when you think they’re secure and open, they’ll wildly swing returning back where you moved them from. Luckily today Meg was first in, so Grace will wait until Jay’s parked up, blow him a kiss goodbye (she doesn’t like PDA) and trot into the office with a smile on her face.

Grace’s morning is riddled with tasks; completing audits, ringing clients and most importantly checking to see if Emma has restocked her tuck shop. Once a Pepsi Max has been purchased and a cheeky Ripple gobbled she’ll crack on with the team’s morning meeting. They’ll discuss “blobbers” (people who didn’t turn up to work), “highs” from the week and what their tasks are for the day. Grace is on with completing some service reviews, visiting clients and making sure the service promised is being provided. She’ll have a catch up with them, talking about plans for the summer and sharing a brew or two. After discovering that one of her clients is going abroad for an entire month, Grace’s motivation to sort a holiday sky rockets. She’ll head back to the office, microwave her lunch and trawl the internet looking for an absolute bargain…

After almost booking a two week break to the Maldives, which would have borderline crippled her bank account, Grace will come back from her holiday high and be hit with a small dose of reality. 10 bookings have come in for one of their clients tonight. The team look at each other in awe, knowing how great that’ll be for the branch bonus but wondering how they’re going to source these 10 people! They’ll blitz through “Temps View” (part of our candidate record database) and ring through their “availables”; ending up with 9 out of the 10 filled. Then, out of nowhere, a candidate arrives wanting to register. Grace asks the all important question: “Can you work tonight?”. The team wait in suspense… he says “YES”! The team do a little dance at their desks to celebrate. They ring the client to inform them of their hard work and to their surprise, are rewarded with a £20 voucher for breakfast the following week.

Once shifts are filled and the panic is over, the team can discuss their plans for over the weekend. Grace has got a weekend of watching the Darts and Cricket. She’s still the only person to find both of them entertaining… She’s also planned to go to a friend’s house. They’ll go on a dog walking session which is swiftly followed by an Absolutely Fabulous ( Or AB FAB) marathon! However in between all these plans she’ll find time to complete at least one spinning class, she might as well now be called Grace Hoy… The clock will strike 5 and the team shoot out the door, after all the last to leave is the one who has to lock the gates, and no one wants that task believe me!