A day in the life of – Emma Lilley

 Emma is Essential’s Marketing Manager and has been with the company almost  6 years. Emma is a vegetarian but likes to divulge into chicken super noodles, if you can solve that you deserve a medal. She drinks Monster energy drinks and wonders why Jordan, her colleague, thinks she’s hyper.

Her alarm goes off at 6.45, but annoyingly, as always, she had woken up at 6.44.

It’s the same routine every day – A quick hop on the scales whilst brushing her teeth, followed by a shower before getting dressed. One of her cats, Arnie, is super needy and HAS to sit on her lap whilst she’s doing her hair and make up… She leaves the house at around 7.30am, escorted to her car by her other cat, Beanzy.

She arrives at the office around 7.45. She’s often the first one here so can continue singing (badly) whatever she was belting out in the car (power ballads definitely warm up the ol’ vocal cords!)

By 8am she’s made a start on clearing her inbox and started planning for the day. Her colleague Jordan is next to join her, with his usual scratch card and tales of his weekend antics…

Monday is a busy day for Marketing as they’re running reports on the previous week and discussing strategies for the week ahead. They look at campaign performance and growth whilst setting their to-do list for the day. When they’re all set, it’s time to make a brew, pick a playlist on Spotify and get started!

Throughout the morning, she speaks to a couple of Branch Managers and the Business Development Team covering a variety of topics – the whole company are feeling refreshed and full of ideas after setting their Visions for the year, so have lots of questions and new ideas to discuss! She helps out our newest branch in Rotherham by putting advertising plans together for an online Open Day, something previously untested, but as the candidate pool gets smaller, the scope of our recruitment solutions must get bigger!

By 11.20, Emma and Jordan have had the ‘what you having for dinner?’ conversation at least 3 times and their eyes are on the clock waiting for 12… (What is it about recruitment that makes everyone in the office so hungry?!).

Emma pops out for lunch at 12pm, depending on the weather it can be either a short walk to the local Spar or a full on shopping spree. She finds that a short break from the office (even just for 10 minutes) makes for a much more productive afternoon!

1pm comes around and it’s time for Jordan’s lunch break, leaving Emma in the office alone means only one thing… she has the best part of an hour to put her guilty pleasures playlist on! The team doesn’t have set lunch breaks but they are creatures of habit…

The first part of the afternoon is spent liaising with the printer’s over an item that we’ve custom designed for our Sales Team.  Emma loves being able to run with creative ideas and having to find solutions for complex creations. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

After this, Emma puts half an hour aside to do some work on her apprenticeship. Her and a few other staff members are working towards a Six Sigma qualification, which aims to make the business leaner and increase revenue. It’s tough, but there is a very positive end in sight!

As the day draws to the end, Emma has a mad hour making sure everything on her to-do list is ticked off (an impossible task, because she will always think of something else to add to it, or get a call/email from someone !). She always makes sure her inbox is cleared before she leaves though, even if they’re just moved to her ‘to action’ folder. An organised inbox is an organised mind!

She leaves the office and heads to the gym for an hour before getting home. She’s greeted by her Husband, Dale , and her cats, all of whom are sitting nicely in front of the TV. She plonks herself down next to them and enjoys her night with her 3 favourite boys, before getting off to bed and doing it all again tomorrow…