A day in the life of – Danielle Berry

Danielle is a Recruitment Consultant based at our Long Eaton office and has been with the company almost 4  years. Danielle loves to give what she calls “banter” out – she’s at the centre of anything funny! She loves food, even more so now she’s pregnant!

So a typical day for a Recruitment Consultant probably starts with a tired soul rising out of bed to the promise of a day chasing candidates and gaining bookings… but for a pregnant Recruitment Consultant it starts whenever baby starts kicking Mummy, obviously he’s practicing for when he joins the England squad – he’s just got to remember his mum when he hits the big time!

Once Danielle has snoozed her alarm as many times as possible, she has no choice but to get up and start preparing for the day ahead. This normally consists of getting dressed as quickly as possible, 3 wee’s (as she is carrying an extra person remember!) and as much food as she can scavenge on her way to the car. It’s normally when she’s sat in the car, her belly rubbing the steering wheel, she remembers the takeaway brew she made 5 minutes previous… so she waddles back to the house, retrieves said brew and begins the journey all over again.

She’s usually the first person in the office, so she makes herself a bowl of Coco Pops (breakfast number 2 – Two mouths to feed…) and another brew because if she doesn’t eat straight away baby starts to complain and if she doesn’t get another cuppa she starts to complain. Danielle’s favourite time of the day is when no ones in the office because she can walk past everyone’s chair without having to ask them to move forward because her belly can’t get past.

Once sat down, baby settled and mouth’s fed it’s time to check her emails and deal with any issues.  Before she knows it, the team is sat down all conversing on what they got up to last night, the standard chat of “Does anyone want a Maccies breakfast?” rings across the office – Danielle and Baby’s ears sprout up there is always room for 3rds…

After munching food and checking in with clients and candidates alike it’s time for their daily meeting which helps organise the day for the team. Danielle struggles with Baby Brain throughout the day and has to regularly go back to the board to have a look what she’s doing next – she passes it off as Baby Brain but the team aren’t fooled…

Once they’ve finished chasing the tails of people who’ve not turned in, Danielle religiously has her dinner at 12pm which usually consists of a sarny from Sainsbury’s and delving into an overstocked snack draw. As she eats her sandwich, she nosies around the room seeing what other people have had… Sian’s got her ready meal, Zoe’s destroying a pasta pot and Kayleigh has her protein shake. Danielle contemplates a second trip to Sainsbury’s but stays strong…

The team’s afternoon usually consists of sourcing candidates for the night shift and tomorrow’s day shift, they get the usual ‘Sorry I can’t work it’ or ‘I’ve got a Doctors appointment’ but when those shifts are filled there is no greater feeling in the world – the team have a snack to celebrate!

The clock strikes 5pm and it’s time for Danielle to leave the office. Normally it can take 5 minutes or so to get in her car and you can usually hear beeping from the horn and various alarms and sirens. The journey home is straight forward, just 5 minutes down the A52 and back on her drive where she has to then barrel roll out of the car.

She has her partner well trained at the moment so he usually has dinner on, meaning Danielle can crawl upstairs to get some PJ’s on before sitting in her recliner chair for the rest of the night….