A day in the life of – Bethany Wragg

This blog is part of a series of personal accounts of working at Essential Recruitment.

Beth is a 31 year old Senior Recruitment Consultant from our Ripley office. She’s been with us since 2012, coming back into a full time role after her maternity leave and receiving a promotion to Senior Consultant earlier this year. She’s efficient, effective and decisive, and will have you laughing even if you’re having a bad day.


A day in the life of… Miss Bethany Wragg – Aka Pinot Grigio! Ha absolute jokes!’

Beth’s day started very much the same as every other day. No alarm was required as her 4 year old boy made sure of that! (It’s very effective, and comes highly recommended if you like a good slapping round the face and a kick in the back!)

As well as making sure she was ready to leave in time for work, she chased her son around the house to apply his clothing… one item at a time! It’s fair to say she’s not as fit as she used to be, so she took a compulsory breather after every sock, top and jumper! This is a task in itself, so going to the gym has become something of the past.As though her morning wasn’t challenging enough with her child, it was amplified even more by being on call and having candidates and clients calling her from 5.30am.

Her drive to work was 20 minutes long, via her Son’s wonderful childminder where she drops him off everyday at 7.30am with lots of hugs and kisses.


Beth swung by the Esso garage for her regular Costa on the go! It’s gotten that regular they’re now on a first name basis…

Upon arriving at the office, computer on, phone un-diverted, she made sure everyone had arrived safely and without a problem! Her day started with explaining and apologising on behalf of the candidates who were unable to attend work, or playing modern day Sherlock Holmes to see where those who haven’t been in contact have ended up overnight.

As usual, something overly dramatic had happened on route for her colleague, Shannon, which the branch discuss whilst catching up on the previous nights antics!

After a good catch up and a round-off meeting with the team, she started to contact some of the wonderful candidates who are looking for work, both over the phone and interviewing face to face. No sarcasm intended…

At 10am, Beth popped out to visit one of her clients and run an induction. They manufacture dry seasonings, dressing and marinades, and everyday she comes back from there and it becomes evident not everyone is a fan of a seasoning, dressing and marinade infused Beth? It’s a very – you either love it or hate it smell!

1pm…  it’s her favourite part of the day… Feeding time at the zoo! – Now where have we heard that before?

After a belly-full, her energy was back up to 100%,  and she was good to go! The team had a lot of candidates through the office to sit qualifications relevant to working at the companies they hold inductions for. Having visitors in is always an eye opener with candidates from all walks of life, mainly because all they do is laugh along all day to keep them sane, and safe to say when they all laugh, ear muffs are a requirement!

After an afternoon of interviews and filling bookings, she had a happy candidate starting a new job and happy clients!

As 5pm approached she felt a sense of relief that they had achieved what they had set out to do that day, but also because she gets to go and collect her boy in half an hour!

Being away from him 5 days a week, 40 hours plus, is the hardest part of her job – everything else is just a walk in the park! Beth chooses to work because she loves her job and the team she works with, not only in her branch but the company too. But most importantly to provide the life she wants for her little boy.

She wouldn’t change a thing!

As the evening rolled in, Beth poured herself a wine and wondered what tomorrow would bring…

Bring it on!