A bespoke service for your permanent hires

Our permanent division was formed in 2021, managed by Senior Perm Recruitment Consultants Grace Hammond and Dana Humphreys and Perm Recruitment Consultant James Gardiner.

We focus on the elements of our service that match your requirements the most, building a strong relationship with you and understanding your requirements on an in depth basis.

Our process involves:

1. Discussing your recruitment needs or live bookings and introducing ourselves and the structure of Essential Professional as a whole.


2. We will go through the role in detail so we can establish only the highest quality candidates are sourced who match the skills and experience you require.

3. Our Perm Consultants will sit down and have a phone call with you to ascertain the specifics about the role you’re recruiting for to understand your requirements on a deeper level.


4. As part of the questions into your requirements as mentioned above, we will also establish your expectations in terms of the desired frequency in which you would like us to contact you

5. We will negotiate terms of business that reflect the role and suits both parties. These will only come into play once the candidate arrives on site and starts the position.


6. Attain information of interview availability and notice period so you will know this information ahead of time. This aids in helping to make a decision in regards to progressing candidates further.

7. We will work with you to establish an interview process and convey this process to candidates, we can set precedent of the interview process at your wishes.


8. We obtain feedback from you about how you wish to proceed after the interviews and we can return to earlier stages of process if we need to source more candidates.

9. Manage expectations and feedback from you and the candidate after the first interview where required. We will then discuss with you how you wish to progress applicants to the next stages should they be suitable.


10. You can choose the payment plan that suits you the best. Choose to pay a one off fee or split the cost of your hire over a period of up to 3 months.

We have recently launched ‘Essential Professional‘, a completely dedicated department, focusing on the recruitment of your permanent hires.


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“Grace has been our lead contact from the first moment and has been an asset to us from the beginning, and I know she will be for the many more members of staff we will need as we grow.”

– Client Testimonial

Whether you’re looking for your next HR Manager, Administrator, Factory Manager or Skilled Engineer, you can count on us to assist you and and be honest about how we can support you – we will never promise you the world if we can’t deliver you the world.


For a no obligation chat about our services and how we can support you with your next hire, please add your details into the below form or contact Grace, Dana and James directly on:

Tel: 0333 99 66 988

Mob: 07712614781 

Email: apply@essentialrecruitment.co.uk

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