Coronavirus – Thoughts from our Directors

So, we are in dark days and the panic is rising…..or is it?

This is not to say that there isn’t an element of sadness and despair especially for those families who face serious illness and the loss of loved ones. Our thoughts are with those that are severely affected.

In our business, for every negative there has been a positive both internally and externally. There are of course businesses that have either felt the need or been forced into closing their doors and therefore they do not require our services. Conversely though, there are businesses that have had to increase their productivity or service levels due to the needs of others and as such require our support. These companies are being resourceful, showing spirit and hitting the crisis head on.

“In my mind we are one of the latter. We could have settled on the shaded side of the fence but, what we have actually done is seek out the positives and look for the sun. In the first instance I am not naïve enough to think that some of us didn’t panic and get swept along with the negative flow but in the main the ‘Bulldog Spirit’ has been more prevalent.”

We have a duty to the clients that want to continue with ‘business as usual’ to support them in their innovation to keep things going. We have a responsibility to all those candidates that want and need to work to find them as much work as we can to protect their income and livelihoods. We have to be accountable to each other to uphold our culture to support our team, ‘Together we accept the disappointment’s and celebrate the success’. In a crisis we really test our resilience and those that survive ‘will be better than they were yesterday’.

It is easy for us to look into the future and worry about the “if’s, but’s and maybe’s”, but if that’s all we focus on we won’t deal with the moment.
We need to act accordingly today to achieve the best outcome. If we deal with the issues day by day we have a better chance of protecting our future. It’s not to say that we shouldn’t plan and have contingency but if we only focus on what could happen then we don’t see what is happening. There has to be a balance.

“We don’t have to give in to panic, we can keep control of what we can control. Situations out of our control are not controllable!”

I am extremely proud of the resilience we have shown as a business thus far, unfortunately this is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. So, the innovative ideas, teambuilding games and morale raising emails that are going around at the moment are great to see. It shows a fantastic team spirit, great attitude and demonstrates we are working for each other but we must keep it up.

Staying mentally and physically fit will be extremely important and some ideas to help with this will be coming out later today.

We need to keep smiling, having fun and remaining positive. Together We Succeed!


Marc Orli,
Managing Director