4 reasons why Recruitment Agencies are worth a try

What is a Recruitment AgencyRecruitment Agencies match candidates to job vacancies, working with companies directly to help fill their roles. Their consultants’ source new opportunities, edit and optimise CVs, and even provide pointers to help candidates prepare for interviews.

  1. The first reason is often job seekers believe that Recruitment Agencies simply won’t place a candidate due to personal preferences however this is never the case;  Recruitment Agencies are given scrupulous requirements from clients and deadlines to abide by. Often the selection of a candidate is actually out of the control of the Consultant and the client holds that decision!




2.    Another reason for peoples dislike of Agencies is actually a common misconception – For us to make money we take it out of the Candidates Wage / Salary. Well, we can assure you this is never the case! Most reputable recruitment agencies work with the companies to agree on a salary. The company then pays the recruiter a percentage of that salary as a fee (usually about 20%), paying the recruiter a one time £4000 (for example) as a finders fee, SEPARATE from your salary.



3.  Many Recruitment Agencies will claim that they’re the best and you won’t find a better service elsewhere. However, when put to the test they rarely deliver.

Perhaps it’s time you experienced an Agency who cares more for their candidates?

It’s difficult to believe someone who works for the company writing this but, if you want that extra bit of reassurance take a look at our Google Reviews for each of our 8 branches!

Barnsley : http://bit.ly/2KLDreB

Burton : http://bit.ly/2KLFfV2

Chesterfield : http://bit.ly/2KLDO8Z

Doncaster : http://bit.ly/2KOo7hw

Long Eaton : http://bit.ly/2IR324a

Mansfield : http://bit.ly/2KQPYxC

Ripley : http://bit.ly/2KK187e

Worksop : http://bit.ly/2KLYRIJ


4.     Another reason is that people think that Recruitment Agencies only offer Temporary work without the promise of future employment. Whilst we do offer temporary work, we do also offer positions that lead to Permanent work. Unfortunately we cannot offer Permanent work to all of our candidates (this may explain the negative feedback surrounding agency work) however we have a high success rate for temporary workers receiving permanent contracts.




In short, here at Essential we don’t claim to be the biggest, but we do claim to be the best and hope our candidates would agree!

If you’re tired of being treated as a “Temp” and want to be treated as a “valued colleague” why not get in contact with your nearest branch! We specialise in delivering a quality service to reputable companies across South Yorkshire and The Midlands.


Barnsley : 01226 285888

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Worksop : 01909 478800


If you’re reading this now, sat in your dream position and everything is fine, congratulations! why not share this article for those who aren’t and give them a chance at finding a position that suits them?