The best way to write a CV?

You see all kinds of articles written about which way you should write your CV today. Yesterday you may have read one stating that you should keep it as brief as possible, retaining the element of mystery. Maybe the week before, you were told that you should create an artwork – graphically construct your life on to A4.  It’s obvious that when so many of these articles are written by recruiters themselves, that you really don’t have much control over the consequences of your CV, because so many recruiters want different things.

The solution?Surely, in a situation where no certain action will provide a sure win,  you should go with what feels most natural. If you’re the arty type, applying for an arty position, then sure – create that graphic CV. If you feel it represents you and  gets your point across in the best possible way, then go with this. If you see yourself as someone with an interesting story to tell – tell it. You would seem to be looking for the employer to have an interest in your story, and therefore -whilst many may choose to ignore it- by waiting for the right person to read it, you’ll achieve your aim. If you’re a simple kind of person, with minimal work experience, then perhaps the simple approach really is for you. If you’re just looking for something to get you by, then declaring your love and passion for production line work will probably be pretty unbelievable anyway


There is no real conclusion to this advice post – and that’s because there IS no real conclusion. Be yourself, find the right employer and keep it simple.