The 3 ingredients that make a great candidate

Right skills

The number one ingredient to a great CV is having the skills to match the job description. The most important advice we can give you is to take your time, and make your application stand out. If you’re using the same CV to apply for multiple jobs, take a look at it each time you send it out. Make small adjustments if you need to – here are a few ideas.

– If you’ve got an extensive work history, you can benefit from clipping the descriptions on the less relevant positions to leave room for the best. If you’re applying for a recruitment position, and you’ve worked in sales, a bar, a restaurant and administration, then you’re going to want to emphasise duties undertaken in the sales and admin roles rather than those in hospitality.

– If you’ve got experience that you think would support your application, this could be more important than details of your first job. If you’re applying for a travel/tourism job for example, and you’d taken a year to travel the world – you’d definitely want to talk about it here. If you were applying for construction work, and you’d build your own home extension – you’d want to talk about it.. and so on.


Most job applications vary, but here’s what we can tell you about applying through us.

Online: You have the option to attach a CV – but you always should. A name and number is ok when we’re looking a lot of workers, but if we’re looking for someone special the you should always give us as much to get excited about as possible!
Phone: If you call to ask about vacancy, use your telephone voice! We love it when people sound enthusiastic, polite and friendly.
In person: If you’re coming to interview, dress us for us. We’re not talking clown suits or aything like that… a nice suit/dress goes a long way. Smell great, look clean, dress well!


It goes without saying, but the kind of attitude you have over the phone and in personal will definitely take a large part in determining how we remember you. A great example is the long term unemployed candidate that has applied for a vacancy – we might not think you’re the most suitable candidate, but we offer you odd shifts until either you or we find something else for you. If the candidate takes the opportunity, and perhaps a few more – the consultant is filled with confidence, and re-thinks your suitability for the  original role. If you turn down the work, our confidence in your work ethic isn’t very strong..

However, this is only an example, and isn’t always the case!


Be yourself, show us you want to work and most importantly take care. Good luck!